Sims 4 Modder Says They’ll Fix Sims 4’s Big High School Years Problem

A popular Sims 4 modder has announced plans to fix the biggest problem with the upcoming High School Years expansion pack: the world-exclusive high school.

A The Sims 4 modder announced his plans to help the next High school years Expansion Pack even before the game is released. The next DLC will add a host of new The Sims 4 High school-centric features for teens, including before and after school activities. Expected release July 28 High school years will be the first full expansion pack released for The Sims 4 in over a year.

Students will be able to attend secondary school every day in the new The Sims 4 DLC, players choosing if they want to follow their Sims every day. PE aims to provide a full experience for teens, including academics like classes and exams, extracurricular activities like sports teams and clubs, and special events like prom and graduation. The High school years The expansion pack will come with the new world of Copperdale, a small lakeside town. During a recent preview of The Sims 4 High Schoolit was revealed that players will only be able to place and use a high school in Copperdale, which means that no teenagers from other regions will be able to attend an active school.


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Well known The Sims 4 modder ZerbuTabek (Going through Sims Community) recently shared their intentions for the game on Twitter, stating that they would make it possible to place high schools in worlds other than Copperdale. Zerbu gave more details to prevent fans from expecting the mod too much when it first launches, stating that “at first you will only be able to change the location of the school, not several. However, the creator acknowledged the desire for more high school per backup, saying it’s something they will investigate over time.

Modder Zerbu is no stranger to schools in the popular simulation game, previously changing The Sims 4Rabbit Hole Style Schools in an active experience long before the official expansion pack was even announced with their own mod titled Go To School. The creator is a trusted resource within the game’s community, and this new promise of flexible high school locations is no doubt a big relief to many fans who were disappointed with the lack of options the game would offer. for placement. Typically, when a new usable building such as restaurants or spas has been introduced into the The Sims 4 universe, they can be placed by players in any world. We don’t know exactly why The Sims 4 High School will be different in this regard, and the precedent set by previous DLCs made the announcement of the limitation shocking to many fans.

Although there are still many exciting additions to come The Sims 4 soon, both within the High school years Expansion pack and via free base game updates, such as game receipt The Sims 2In the Wants and Fears system, freedom of design has always been a big part of the franchise, which many fans say has been undermined by this limitation. The fact that teenagers from other worlds still disappear in the morning for school like they always have, while teenagers from Copperdale get the full experience, doesn’t sit well with many players. However, as has been a constant since the beginning of the franchise, The Sims 4 Modders remain a mainstay of the community who continue to add important features not included by EA.

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Source: ZerbuTabek/Twitter (via SimsCommunity)

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