Sims 4 Mod Adds A Nostalgic Way To Rent Hit Movies

A new Sims 4 mod adds a dose of nostalgia to the game with a Blockbuster-like service called Flicbuster that lets Sims rent movies.

A new The Sims 4 mod is a blast from the past, allowing Sims to rent movies from a Blockbuster-like service called CopBuster. Modding has always been a big part of the game’s community, with some mods adding even more content than the official one. The Sims 4 expansion packs released by EA. The Sims 4 has sold over 36 million copies since its release in 2014, and mods are a great way for many of these longtime players in the series to spice up gameplay with new content.

Absent for more than seven years now, The Sims 4 received a considerable amount of DLC in the form of expansion packs, game packs, item packs, and kits. The smaller the DLC release, the more focused the topic tends to be – for example, Stuff Packs usually focus on a single style, room, or activity, with releases like laundry day Thing and Movie Hangout Thing. Players can also obtain a considerable amount of unique new content through the use of mods, many of which introduce entirely new gameplay elements to The Sims 4such as burglars or more detailed Sim personalities.


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A new mod by the creator Batch 51 (via Sims Community) aims to add a dose of nostalgia to The Sims 4 by providing Sims with a Blockbuster-like service called Flicbuster. To get started, Sims will need a CopBuster Subscription which they can purchase for 35 Simoleons in a CopBuster Express Box. From there, players can have their Sims rent movies online or from CopBuster Express Boxes to watch at home on the mod’s DVD player. For an added dose of realism, Sims will accrue late fees if they keep rented movies for 4 days. Players can also choose for their Sims to pirate movies, download movies online, and burn DVDs themselves that they can sell for a profit. For Sims to sit and watch the movies, players must own the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, but all items included are compatible with the base game and can be used as decor.

While the additions to the game with this mod aren’t huge, it does add several exciting new elements to Sim entertainment, as well as great potential for player storytelling. Players can ask their Sims to choose a movie together for a date night or discuss movie choices. For gamers who are taking on a decades-long challenge in their game, this mod would be perfect for the 90s and early 2000s, although unfortunately there is no VHS rental option. Even from a purely decorative standpoint, adding stacks of DVDs next to the player itself is great for those who like to create clutter-free game builds.

Recently, the The Sims 4 provided free new gameplay elements for fans to keep the game fresh for long-time gamers. However, even with official updates and DLC releases from EA, mods will still be extremely important to many gamers. Mods allow players to find the hyper-specific elements they need for storytelling and design and allow players to explore new gameplay elements never before offered by official versions of the game. It’s no surprise that more 7 years after the release of The Sims 4 many gamers have found themselves burnt out, and mods are often the perfect remedy to bring fans back into the game.

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Source: Batch 51 (via Sims Community)

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