Sims 4 Kits Leak Clues About Yummy Items Ahead Of Free Play

The new Sims 4 kits mean one thing: awesome new cosmetic items to decorate your home and its inhabitants in Maxis’ iconic game of life. If new leaks are to be believed, there are two more kits due out in the coming months, and they look adorable.

While browsing through the Sims 4 codebase, a forum member (LeGardePourpre) on the French Sim fansite, L’univers Sims, discovered two new kit icons and a plethora of miscellaneous new images.

The first kit icon shows a white strawberry on a dark purple background and is titled “Strawberry Kit” or “Strawberry Kit”. What could it contain is anyone’s guess – strawberry-themed furniture? A strawberry? New foods? All the foregoing? We will have to wait and see.

In an equally delicious vein, the second kit is simply referred to as “kit café” or, shockingly, “Café Kit”. It shows a small cup accompanied by a letter, implying that we will have traditional cafe furniture as well as good old writing material.

See kids, that’s why you did French for years in high school – to translate Sims 4 kit leaks. So these are just placeholders for now. I’m sure Maxis will come up with something much more eloquent.

The same leak revealed a handful of other icons, including a sim exclaiming in shock, a heart-shaped locket with a figure in each photo, two hands making a pinky promise, a sim in a suit framed by three stars and a crown, two sims back to back posing, and a hand waving at the paw of an animal (presumably a cat). The Sims Community Team suggests these might be related to the recent splash screen presentation of The Sims 4 Kits (a feature added to the console a few months ago), but that’s just speculation .

These new leaks come just before The Sims 4 goes free-to-play, which is expected to happen on October 18. They may be Maxis’ way of celebrating one of the biggest milestones in Sims history, but may also tie into an EA livestream event that players believe will unveil The Sims 5.

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