Sims 4 Fan perfectly recreates in-game painting in real life

A Sims 4 fan has shown off his skills by recreating a hilarious in-game paint job of a cat’s face in bread in his own real-life paint job.

A fan of The Sims 4 showed off their skills by recreating a hilarious in-game painting in real life. One of the many skills a Sim can learn in their lifetime is painting. It can take the form of a simple passion or even a career in its own right, and oftentimes Sims paint some pretty hilarious stuff. One Sim even painted their own demise just before the Grim Reaper came to take them to the next life.

There are many different ways for fans to celebrate their love of sims series. While some spend hours creating specialized custom content that adds even more depth to the game, others do their best to bring the game to the real world. There are challenges in The Sims that players have created, but there are also challenges that players have brought to the real world to attempt. The creators attempted challenges like eating like their Sims for 24 hours, dressing like their Sims for 24 hours, and even doing whatever their Sim did for a full 24 hours. Players know that sometimes The Sims aren’t the best at taking care of themselves, so it can be difficult, but it’s a way for fans to show their love for the series. Like the awesome Sims Cow-Plant in real life, fans love sharing their creativity with the rest of the real world, as well as the virtual world.


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Reddit user Artistic-Caregiver-6 shared his perfect recreation of one of the most hilarious paintings in The Sims 4. The painting depicts a white and orange tabby cat with a piece of bread surrounding its face on a blue background. Artistic-Caregiver-6 lives up to its username with how identical this painting is to the one found in-game. The real cat painter’s expression has the same confused look found on the walls of many Sims or sold to many collectors over the course of a Sim’s painting career, which is a great way to quickly earn Simoleons to paint even more paintings.

This is one of the paintings a Sim can paint when attempting a “surreal” painting. While there’s no way to guarantee that a Sim will paint that exact paint job, it’s quite likely. When a Sim is on the painter career path, they are tasked with reaching a level 10 skill. average paintings in order to reach 100% for the task of the day. As Sims develop their skills, they will likely create this painting multiple times with different qualities.

The fanbase of The Sims 4 will continue to find creative ways to share their love of the game with the community. With each new addition to The Sims, there is always new content for players to explore. There will hopefully be even more recreations of The Sims 4 powered by the community.

Source: Artistic-Caregiver-6/Reddit

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