Sims 4 Early Black Friday Sale: The 6 best DLCs to buy today on Steam

The Sims 4 became free download on all platforms in October, and now the franchise is doing a huge DLC sale on Steam for black friday. This weekend is the perfect time to grab any expansion packs you care about.

Some expansion packs are on sale at a 50% discount, as well as 30% off for several game packs and item packs. The offers will expire on November 29.

Not sure where to start downloading? I recommend checking out these six packs:

Set to work

$20 on Steam (Save 50%)

Instead of waiting for your Sim to come home from work, the Get To Work Expansion Pack lets you get more involved in your Sim’s career. The pack features Doctor, Detective, and Scientist career options where you can follow your Sim through their work day. You can also open your own business, hire employees, interact with customers and more.

living on the island

$20 on Steam (Save 50%)

living on the island, released in 2019, featured the beautiful tropical world of Sulani. Your Sims can hit the beach, take a sunny day trip, snorkel in crystal clear waters, play with dolphins, and pursue a career in conservation to protect the environment. And did I mention there are mermaids?


$20 on Steam (Save 50%)

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack incorporates Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, as well as different weather conditions into your game for a more dynamic experience. The pack also unlocks holidays like Winter Fest, Harvest Fest, and Love Day. Decorate your home, throw a party, rake leaves, and play in puddles – just make sure your Sim is dressed appropriately so they don’t freeze or overheat.


$14 on Steam (Save 30%)

Parenthood is a great pack to own if you’re a fan of legacy gameplay or trying your luck at the 100 Baby Challenge. Sims can build parenting skills by interacting with babies, toddlers, and teens, encouraging good behavior, disciplining bad behavior, helping with school projects, and more.

Clever knitting

$7 on Steam (Save 30%)

Clever knitting, a 2020 community-voted crafting-themed bundle for The Sims, lets your Sims take up a new hobby: knitting. Your Sim can practice knitting to improve their skills, unlock new knitting styles, teach other Sims how to knit, and sell their handmade treats on the in-game marketplace, Plopsy. As a fan of the Rags to Riches challenge, I love knitting as a way to earn money – and the decor in the pack is adorable.

small life

$7 on Steam (Save 30%)

If you’re a fan of construction, the Tiny Living Object Pack offers a new challenge: tiny and micro houses. Build economically and create a comfortable space for your Sim to embrace a low-key lifestyle. Get creative with furniture choices to make everything fit in your home, like a pull-down wall bed. Just make sure the bed doesn’t fall on your Sim!

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