Sims 4 community horrified as Sims search for family after update

Members of the Sims 4 community are no strangers to bizarre glitches. They are bound to happen in such a complex life simulator. But the most recent glitch has been bugging The Sims players, and many demanded the developers fix it immediately after seeing The Sims’ potential for incest.

A free update on July 26 added many interesting changes, including hair and new desires for Sims. But many players realized soon after that their Sims were expressing horrible feelings. Many Sims have suddenly found themselves lusting after their own family.

Why do Sims suddenly fall in love with their family members?

After the recent update, players started reporting concerning bugs. Some family members age rapidly, while others fall in love with their own sibling or mother. As teenagers turn to elders in minutes and sims dream of courting their siblings, the community is distraught and alarmed.

Electronic Arts decided to respond to the panic on Twitter, but fans noticed they were missing a key issue.

“Hey Simmers! We are currently investigating cases involving auto aging of Sims in saves using the short or long lifespan. We recommend that you play temporarily or create new saves with the default lifespan/“ normal,” as we work toward a solution,” the devs tweeted.

Sims players responded with concern that the incest issue had not been raised and resolved. They pleaded with the developers to consider that their Sims had inappropriate feelings for their own siblings.

Finally, a quality designer took to Twitter to reveal that the team was aware of the incest issue. The developers had apparently reproduced it themselves… whatever that means. But they reassured the Sims 4 community that a fix was on the way.

“We are looking to get it fixed as soon as possible, thanks for all the bug reports, we appreciate that,” the designer said. tweeted.

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