Sims 4 CC adds a huge range of diverse hair options, and it’s about time

If you are looking for a The Sims 4 CC which allows you to personalize your game of life personas in a way that is more representative of your culture, creator Sheabuttyr brings you a huge range of new hairstyles perfect for black sims.

While EA has been active in its efforts to try and cater to a wide range of audiences with The Sims 4, it’s no secret that most cultural styles have remained stuck behind different packs or, alternatively, n don’t exist at all.

The obvious lack of diverse hairstyles led Creator of The Sims 4 CC Sheabuttyr to create a full range of looks for black sims. With styles for both men and women, dreadlocks are front and center, along with gorgeous afros. One style even bears Zendaya’s name, and it lives up to her majesty.

To make things even better, players can also browse Sheabuttyr’s catalog using a series of different options to filter by length and style. All looks can be downloaded through her catalog – but it turns out there’s a lot more to get excited about.

Sheabuttyr has also launched a collection called “Foxxy Fros” which is currently in Early Access. There are five different styles that will be available from November 19 or November 11 if you fancy grabbing them early. To do this, you will need to sign up to their Patreon and select the “Coco Butter” level.

It goes without saying that a lot of games have been slow to embrace black culture in the area of ​​customization. You often see the same default dreadlock hairstyle used over and over, along with a generic afro with no real variations other than tall, slightly taller, and comically oversized. Sheabuttyr shows that there is so much to the black aesthetic and that it can be easily integrated into the video game setting if the developers set aside the time to do so.

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