Sims 4 Bad Attitude Glitch Will Be Fixed In December Update

The Official Sims Twitter The account recently confirmed that the fix for The Sims Overly Aggressive and Rude glitch in The Sims 4 has been pushed back to early December. “We sincerely apologize for the delay,” the Tweet read, as it responds to a previous post that said the fix would be part of the November 17 Sims Delivery Express patch.

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The Sims 4, and the franchise in general, are no strangers to unusual bugs, but these are often the ones that don’t completely hamper the experience, instead giving it a touch of wacky humor. In this particular case, a recent update caused Sims to randomly act argumentatively and aggressively, with no tangible reason as to why.


How Sims interact with their peers depends primarily on their traits, which you, the player, select for them. As a result, many players were scratching their heads in confusion when the Sims they had set up to be perfectly friendly and calm were so unnecessarily confrontational. Clearly the problem under the hood was more complex than Maxis, the development studio, thought, but the hope is that they can now fix it in early December as they promised.

Maxis’ attention is undoubtedly pretty split right now, as they recently revealed that the franchise’s next mainline entry, The Sims 5, codenamed Project Rene, is currently in early development. Not much has been revealed through official channels, although the reveal video did show off one new feature. Players will be able to customize furniture individually by changing its color, pattern, shape, etc. Maxis Vice President Lyndsay Pearson said, “We are experimenting with what has worked and where we can go further to provide more flexibility than ever before.”

Through less official channels, however, fans learned a bit more. Apparently, screenshots from early playtests have been leaked, showing a bit of the game’s interior design mechanics, as well as its urban environment. An image showed the interior of an empty apartment with some on-screen customization prompts, while a message explained that players could search for furniture created by The Sims community. Another image revealed an urban setting with tall apartment buildings, where many Sims will likely be able to reside.

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