Sims 4 adds new clothes and face paint

The latest Express Delivery has now arrived for Sims 4 fans, and it includes exciting new items like clothing options and face paints.

The all-new Delivery Express has now arrived for The Sims 4and it includes exciting new elements for players to try out. The Sims has many different options for character customization and recently EA launched the Delivery Express which adds even more to the gameplay. These deliveries often include new clothes and decorations, but sometimes even new recipes The Sims players can cook their Sims. Deliveries are regularly added to the game to give a lot more variety and options to use to make Sims as personalized as possible.


With every new pack that comes out, there are always new clothes available, but those packs are still paid DLC. Express Delivery is a free upgrade that gives sims players fresh new content without having to pay more. Deliveries usually arrive monthly and always introduce fun new elements to the gameplay options. While there’s no shortage of stories players can tell with the available expansions, those who want to stick base can often have difficulty changing their gameplay. Delivery Express offers a solution to this by often including new challenges The Sims 4 scenarios for players to start. One such scenario was where players were trying to earn 400,000 Simoleons with no skill boost options available. These scenarios range from Easy to Hard and are created by EA and Sims Gurus.

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On Twitter, the official The Sims shared account which is included in the Express Delivery which is now available. New clothing options are available in Create-A-Sim (CAS) along with new scenarios for teen Sims. One scenario is called “Aliens stole my parents” and has a teenage Sim having to care for their young child after the parents are abducted by aliens, which happens quite frequently in the game. Certain rules must be followed to win the scenario, but anyone can play it, regardless of the scenario. The Sims 4 Expansion or game packs are proprietary.

New Sims 4 Delivery Express includes new clothes and face paint

Other items included in this month’s SDX include more menswear options and new swatches for existing apparel in The Sims 4. There are now more colorful swatches, giving more variety when choosing everyday outfits for Sims to wear. There are also new hairstyles and makeup options for Sims. These items will arrive in a player’s CAS without notice if they have deliveries set to be automatically downloaded. Those who play with mods will want to make sure their mod files are moved before installing the latest release so the save file doesn’t get corrupted.

These deliveries are an exciting way for players to try out new scenarios, while getting new styles for their Sims. With the new addition of The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack, more gameplay has been added for teens which has been lacking over the years, and now this new storyline will add even more gameplay for fans. It is likely that there will be more fun scenarios in the future for The Sims 4 fans to have a go with the Express Delivery feature.

Source: The Sims/Twitter

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