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Just a day after The Sims 4 update which officially introduced scenarios for the base game, a new limited-time scenario has been added.

Officially titled the Too Many Toddlers scenario, players might recognize some elements of the 100 Babies Challenge and others as Toddler Mania.

In a blog post on The Sims Official Site, The Sims explains the Too Many Toddler scenario as follows:

We all know that toddlers need a lot of care and attention to grow into the best versions of themselves. But what if there is too much to manage? ?

To all the brave Simmers, can your Sim figure out how to give a bunch of toddlers (3) everything they need to reach level three out of four so they can get the Happy Toddler reward trait the their birthday?

How to access and play

Players who downloaded the patch on November 2 will have access to currently available scenarios through the main menu by following these simple steps:

1. Click on the “New scenario” button in the main menu

2. Choose the scenario you want to try

3. Once you have selected your scenario, choose whether you want to start a new save or use an existing save. Currently, a scenario can only be started in a new household. We are working on integrating existing households into the scenarios for a future update!

4. Once you are in CAS, create your household making sure you meet all the requirements.

5. Next, choose your world and terrain.

6. Enter live mode and enjoy!

The Sims 4 Too Many Toddlers FAQ

Too Many Toddlers – Quick View

Here are some screenshots of the new Too Many Toddlers storyline – quite simple.

sims 4 toddler scenario
sims 4 toddler scenario new

The Sims 4 scenarios can be cheated

The scenarios had a mixed response from players. Scenarios so far have mimicked player-created challenges like Rags To Riches. For players who want more robust gameplay, the scenarios don’t do much to improve their experience.

Other players, however, say they appreciate the more structured approach, especially when it comes to keeping track of what can and cannot be done with specific challenges.

Regardless of their preference, many Sims 4 players noted the lack of recognition of the players who created the challenges, which obviously served as inspiration for these new scenarios.

And while sometimes the game will judge you for cheating, like when adding a scared mood for your Sims, scenarios are painfully easy to cheat in The Sims 4, with no real consequences. And the consequences are exactly what many players expect from their gameplay.

Here’s a screenshot of successfully completed Too Many Toddler scenarios, along with some simple Sims 4 skill tips.

sims 4 toddler storyline cheat

Even the addition of a limited-time scenario makes little difference to the appeal of playing them. When these expire, players can do so anyway. With little difference and somewhat disappointing feedback (Sims reward points are neither here nor there and can also be cheated), it’s not engaging gameplay.

However, the FAQ included in the official blog post announcing the Too Many Toddlers storyline is interesting. It’s unclear where these questions have been frequently asked, but the “can I play it for free” leaves a slightly awkward feeling that kits may one day also include scenarios, especially with the new “delivery” system. which will be coming to the game in the future. update. Yeah.

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