Sims 3: The 5 Best Mods

Although The Sims 4 is the latest addition to the franchise and offers many new features, many sims fans always turn to The Sims 3 for its open world and deeper gameplay. It may be an older game, but it offers a very different and more challenging experience, which some prefer. However, it still has some stability issues and can stutter even on the best computer platforms. Luckily, there are plenty of mods out there to make things run smoother and fix most issues. Although it is an old game, it still receives updates today.

The Sims 3 was first released in 2009 with its last expansion released in 2013, just a year before The Sims 4. He is loved by the community alongside The Sims 2, as it offers a wide variety of gameplay, customization through Create-A-Style, open worlds, and different activities and locations to enjoy. Lately, those looking for deeper and less problematic gameplay than The Sims 4 provides turned to The Sims 3 to get their dose. While the open world may cause some issues, these mods will fix most of those issues and keep things running smoothly.

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NRaas ErrorTrap & Overwatch Keep The Sims 3 Bug Free

NRaas mods are some of the best known and most used mods out there, but ask anyone Sims 3 player which ones are essential, and they will probably mention ErrorTrap and Surveillance. The sole purpose of these two mods is to keep an eye out for game errors and fix them. Whether it’s a Sim getting stuck, vehicles spawning, or file corruption, these mods have players covered.

ErrorTrap checks for corrupted data and fixes it to prevent backup issues and crashes. Overwatch cleans things up while playing to prevent the buildup of lag and unwanted data – something extremely important for those looking to play multiple generations of sims. It cleans things like inventories, duplicate items, TVs on, and more to keep the game from slowing down. There are plenty of other NRass mods for those who are also looking for more options and control in the game.

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NRaas Saver Prevents Sims 3 Saving Issues

This NRaas mod isn’t as popular, but it’s extremely useful to prevent loss of progress if something goes through ErrorTrap or Overwatch and causes the game to crash or freeze. This is something that happens with two expansions particular: Island Paradise and World Adventures. Saver acts as an autosave feature, except with a prompt that the player can set to appear. This can be customized to happen as often as you want and it’s a great way to stay on top of saving the game.

10 new CAS cursors adds exactly what the title says, offering the same level of body customization as The Sims 4. There is however a caveat to having them all enter the game at once, as by default there is a set number of sliders. An additional mod is needed to remove the cap: awesome moda Cursor hack or NRaas Master Controller. Except for the Slider Hack, these mods are commonly used, as they provide more options and customization for gameplay, like The Sims 4′s MC Command Center. It’s a simple solution that offers the possibility to create any type of Sim you want.

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Lazy Duchess Smooth Patch Keeps The Sims 3 Running

Although this mod requires a little configuration, it makes the game much smoother, especially when using a lot of content. the Smooth patch is very simple, it optimizes gameplay and stabilizes FPS to reduce stuttering and lag, which can occur over long periods of play in the same neighborhood or when using many expansions and custom content. It’s not a solution to everything, but it helps considerably – unless the specs of a computer or laptop aren’t great.

Awesome Mod Gives The Sims 3 Players More Control

This was mentioned as one of the mods needed to use all 10 cursors for CAS and there’s a reason this one is recommended over the main controller and story progression of NRass: simplicity. awesome mod is a much more basic take on NRass mods that still allows players to tweak their game but without a plethora of menus.

This mod is an easy place to start while getting used to The Sims 3gameplay and interface. It consists of two files, the actual mod and a configuration file which can be easily customized through a webpage before downloading to adjust the gameplay. It’s a good starting point for those who like to play their way. Don’t forget to remove it if you’re upgrading to the main controller and story progression.

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