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Scenarios are predefined situations in The Sims 4 with several possible outcomes. You are given a backstory and requirements you must meet – it’s up to you how you meet them. This page informs you about Scenarios in TS4, including how to start them, how to end them, and how many there are.


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What are scenarios?

Each scenario has a unique theme that unfolds like a story. Think of it as a pick-your-own adventure book: it has a possible beginning and end. You have to fill in the middle to decide what happens. Themes so far include Romance, Fortune, Skill, etc.

You can choose which Sims you put in the scenario, although they must reach specific requirements for the challenge, such as a certain age. You have to create new Sims or use the ones from the Gallery because unfortunately you cannot apply a scenario to an existing household.

There are several potential outcomes for a scenario, good or bad, and how it ends depends on the actions you have your Sims take. Once you start one, an alert will appear in the upper left corner with the list of results and you will receive satisfaction points for completing one. You can spend the points in the rewards store.

You can also use cheat codes without consequences, but if you’re invested in the story, you might just want to play it normally – the choice is yours.

There is currently two permanent Scenarios and a handful of time-limited projects that must be completed between certain dates before they disappear forever.

How to start a scenario


To start a scenario, your Sims 4 game must be updated to patch 120. To check which version you are using, look at the bottom of the main menu screen under “Gallery” and “Options”.

You can start a scenario from the main menu. Simply click on “New Scenario” under the “New Game” and “Load Game” options. From there, you can choose which one you want to play. Click “View” next to a scenario to check the requirements and results for it and once you’re ready to play choose whether to start a new save or load an existing one.

If you want to stop playing, you can change households at any time and the scenario will end. You can also take several Scenarios both with different Sims and switch between them. Just be aware when playing limited time games because you don’t want the end date to appear to you and the storyline to disappear before you’ve completed it.

Make Money Scenario

The Make Money Scenario is one of two permanent scenarios, which means you can complete it at any time. This involves your Sim progressing from owning literally zero Simoleons to a whopping §1,000,000. Unlike other scenarios, there are no age or relationship requirements; Earning money before your Sim dies is the only goal here.

When creating your Sim in Create-A-Sim, it is recommended that you choose the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Choose traits that will also complement your Sim’s work. Will they be in tech? Make it a Genie, for example.

How your Sim makes this moolah is up to you. They can get a job and honestly climb the ladder of their career path, or you can use cheats to line their pockets – but where’s the fun in that?

How to Complete the Make Money Scenario

When your Sim first moves into their home, the scenario deliberately sets the household funds to zero. That’s right, you don’t even get money to pay the bills! For this reason, it is recommended to choose a plot that is already furnished and small to start with to avoid having to buy furniture and pay more than necessary. Either way, your Sim needs to get to work right away.

You can get them to gather collectibles like fishing or harvesting plants, or you can throw them straight into the depths and have them find a job. As their career path progresses, they will do more Simoleons. Also, be sure to level up specific skills for their job or else they may get stuck and never receive a promotion.

The careers with the highest paying are:

  • Technology Guru
  • Scientific
  • Straight
  • Writer
  • Military

You can be as fast or as slow as you want, so if you want to take your time and have your Sim work hard for their money, you’re free to do so. The storyline ends as soon as they win the §1,000,000 – it doesn’t matter how they get there. Just make sure they don’t die first.

You will be rewarded with 5,000 satisfaction points for completing the scenario.

Finding love after a breakup storyline

Finding love after a breakup is the other permanent scenario. It focuses on two Sims who are still living together after breaking up and it is your task to find the love of one of them after the separation. Two Sims are required to play: they must be young adults or older and not related to each other.

There are three potential outcomes:

  1. A Sim is a soul mate with someone they broke up with
  2. A Sim is best friends with someone they broke up with
  3. A Sim is a kindred spirit with someone they have never broken up with

How to End Finding Love After a Breakup Storyline

Your Sims start fresh after they split up, still mad at each other for the failed relationship. They both hate each other and have red friendship bars. Whether they can salvage their relationship or if it’s time to find new love is entirely up to you. You just have to complete the result with a Sim.

Result #1: A Sim is the soul mate of someone they broke up with

This is the most difficult of the three outcomes, because not only do you have to develop enough friendship that your Sim’s ex doesn’t hate them, but you also have to develop romance.

At first, the former lover will hate you and almost every interaction will end badly. They just don’t want to be near you… so just give them what they want. Leave them alone. Time heals everything, as they say. After about a day, they will have calmed down enough that you can talk to them without them yelling at you every time you open your mouth.

First, you need to change the friendship bar from red to green. And from there, he has to be built enough to reach good friend status before he can become soulmates. The easiest way to build a friendship without cheating is to use multiple positive interactions. Ask them questions about their day, their hobbies and the music they listen to. Don’t expect this to be a five minute job, it can take several days in game.

Once the Friendship bar is high enough, you can risk a Flirty interaction like complimenting their looks to raise the Romance bar. If this goes well, try holding his hand or hugging him. Once their mood has shifted to Flirty, you can confess your attraction to them and possibly make a move. Enough of that and you can ask them to be your partner. It can even lead to marriage if you wish.

The storyline will be complete once the Romance bar is full, so even if you’re newlyweds, you’ll likely still have some work to do to complete your task. But once you do, you will be rewarded with 5,000 satisfaction points.

Result #2: A Sim is best friends with someone they broke up with

This scenario is exactly the same as outcome #1, except you don’t need to fill the Romance bar at all. Like before, you start the challenge with your ex hating your guts – that has to change. They won’t talk to you at all without being angry on the first day, so leave them alone.

Once they are no longer feeling sad, approach them and ask your Sim to apologize. If all goes well, you can try other friendly interactions and see how they react. If positive, continue until you are out of the red bar and into the green.

You don’t just have to talk with them: visit the attractions with them and take part in different activities. You won’t achieve Best Friend or even Good Friend status with the other Sim for a while, so don’t expect to be able to do it all in a day without using cheat codes.

Once the friendship bar reaches around 60%, you’ll have the option to ask your Sim’s ex to be the best friend. If they accept, the scenario will be over and you will get 5,000 satisfaction points.

Result #3: A Sim is a soul mate to someone they’ve never broken up with

The easiest way to complete the storyline is to create a romantic relationship with someone new. Your Sim never needs to talk to their ex again. In fact, you can hunt it as soon as the challenge begins. To search for love with someone else, you just need to talk and interact with them until your friendship bar is high enough to transform Flirty and then develop a relationship.

Soulmate status occurs when the friendship and romance bars are three-quarters full each. You can do this by building a friendship by talking about your interests, inviting them into your home, spending time with them outside, and giving them gifts.

Once the friendship bar is half full, you can safely use a Flirty interaction with them. This will now start increasing the Romance bar. Use commands like hugging, flirting, and complimenting until the bar is about a third full, then you can confess your attraction to them.

From there, you can ask them to be your partner and even give them a key to your house. Also, be sure to keep adding friendly interactions to increase both bars until the scenario is automatically completed.

Time-limited scenarios

Limited time Scenarios will often be available alongside the two permanents. As the name suggests, you only have a certain amount of time to complete it before the challenge is gone forever, usually a few days.

For example, from November 18, 2021 to December 1, 2021, the Perfectly Well-Rounded scenario was available. It asked players to create a Sim who had five friends, was level 10 in three different skills, and completed an aspiration.

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