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The Sims 4 has been around for many years and part of the reason it has such longevity is due to the number of ways you can play. The life-sim sandbox title features in-game challenges to complete, career ladders to climb, and Simoleons to create. Along with these gameplay options, players can find an extensive Sim customization system, as well as in-depth building features.

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Whether you’re a gameplay purist, stylist, builder, or a mix of all three, there’s something for everyone in The Sims 4. There are also some things we all do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for five days or five years, you’re bound to have done at least one of these relatable things.


7 Use code Motherlode

This header doesn’t mention what the Motherlode code does, but I imagine the vast majority of Simmers reading this can tell you exactly how to use it and what will happen when you do. If I told you that this is the newest version of Rosebud, that would probably also enlighten anyone who hasn’t played this latest game in the series.

Yes, of course, this is the money cheat code. Bring up the text box, activate those cheat and kaching tests, $50,000 in your Sim’s bank. Well, technically if you type Kaching you will only get $1000, but that is not the point here. I know most of you cheat with money, right? The temptation to take that shortcut – perhaps so you can afford a bed that actually lets you rest or a bathroom that doesn’t break every three Sim days – is just too hard to resist.

A quick note for those who use freerealestate instead “just to help your Sim get started”, don’t kid yourself, it still counts. Welcome to our club.

6 Kill a Sim (or multiple Sims)

I know some Simmers love their Sims unconditionally and would never kill them. They take good care of them and let them live long and presumably (at least most of the time) happy lives. However, there is an expression to describe this kind of players, the minority. Even those of you who are desperately trying to keep your Sims alive, how many of you can truly say that you’ve never, ever killed a Sim, not even by accident?

In The Sims 4, Sims are a little tougher than they were in previous games, but it can still be remarkably easy to accidentally (or deliberately) knock them out. Maybe your Sim wandered outside without a coat in the snow or started using the clothes dryer in the basement with no other Sims nearby to help when the stuffed animals caught fire. Maybe they were just trying to be helpful and fix that broken fridge before cleaning up the puddle underneath. All of these scenarios can be just as dangerous as the pool you “accidentally” built a fence around.

For those of you in the club, check off all the deaths, you may find this list handy… also welcome, you are my people. Come see my cemetery and the urns in my basement. You can say hello to Eliza’s ghost.

5 Become obsessed with clutter

I consider clutter to be a great leveler in The Sims 4. While intricately placing clutter items using move object cheats – or the TOOL mod if you want to go the extra mile – is often considered a builder’s hobby, I’m here to tell you that it’s not limited to those of us who love architecture. The flexibility of these little additions gives the clutter a much broader appeal.

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Clutter is one of the few things that’s really hard to mess up. You can throw it anywhere in a building and it gives the room a warm feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking interim steps in construction, wanting to give a pre-built house, apartment, or dorm a more personal look, or if you’re halfway through building a complex mansion, clutter is your friend. Plants, signs, ornaments and trinkets will add personality, color and life to any build.

I dare you to place a desk and tell me it doesn’t look better with a set of cute pens on it. You can’t, because clutter is king.

4 Spending too much time creating a Sim

Creating a Sim is an amazing invention. It lets you customize every detail of your Sims, bringing them to life the image you desire through their size, shape, appearance, and style. You can also make personality adjustments, give them goals and aspirations, customize likes and dislikes, and add personality traits. These options are so detailed that even for those of us who struggle with style, Create-A-Sim can be a trap you can’t escape.

The options, the colors, the stylish outfits that look great as long as you just take off the very specific makeup or accessory you took on, and more. So many choices can be overwhelming. Detail-minded stylists can spend hours in Create A Sim, but even the rest of us can easily kill an hour or two checking the basics. The only way to really avoid it is to download Sims from the gallery… and spend three hours looking there instead.

3 WooHoo in all places

Every time a new Sims DLC is released, the team is asked two questions; is there a new death and is there a new WooHoo spot? There are currently 19 different WooHoo locations in the game and each offers unique animations and interactions. Sims can WooHoo in a bed, take a shower, or walk into the closet, literally. For those who crave the outdoors; tents, caves, dumpsters, bushes and piles of leaves are all places for outdoor fun.

While some players may not kill their Sims, I imagine the number of players not testing WooHoo locations is even lower. After all, why wouldn’t you want to see the rocket blast off into a cloud of hearts, or the ridiculously oversized telescope, aka the backyard observatory, be used for something? Love is in the air, behind the waterfall, on top of the lighthouse, and in that pile of cash you cheated on earlier.

2 Look for clues about future content

Another popular pastime of the Sims community is searching for clues absolutely everywhere. Every time a new DLC is released, players will scour it for clues as to what might be coming next. Found a new piece of art with a plant on it? Surely that means the next pack is Get All The Plants? How about this set of yellow plates? Yellow is the color of the sun, found on vacation in hot places, so the next pack has to be about hotels, right? And what about the Mount Komorebi Sims dressed in a way that reminds us of school uniforms? That must mean School Teacher Living is next, surely?

SimGuru tweets can also contain hints, as well as anything that has already been written in an item description, added to a design, or said in a live stream. Often, we can be convinced that absolutely everything is a clue as to the theme of the next content. Often we are accused of overthinking, and let’s face it, it’s true. However, we are really, really hungry for content, so feed on the imaginary clues we find. It keeps us out of trouble, most of the time.

1 Pay attention to the smallest details

If you’ve never read item descriptions in The Sims 4, you need to start now. These aren’t just placeholders, they’re pure genius. You’ll find pop culture references, quotes, puns, and jokes galore in these creative snippets. Each fits the article and brings a laugh or at least a smile to my face when I read it, and I do. Because that’s how I play.

The Sims 4 also has a lot of small details that are easy to miss. For example, did you know that you can use the boat in Brindleton Bay to get to the lighthouse? Or that the Mount Komorebi house built by Deligracy is on the Dream Home Decorator style chart? How about the fact that teenagers make faces and roll their eyes when they are scolded? It’s no wonder we get carried away in search of clues when there is so much to discover. Now tell me again why you think the two wolf moon t-shirt means werewolves are the next DLC…

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