Official Sims 4 Patch Notes, March 15, 2022

As players eagerly await fixes for The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories game pack, a new base game update has been released, adding more substance to the so-called “Neighborhood Stories”. For the TL:DR, this is basically story progression for The Sims 4.

The cover image that was released with the official blog post explaining the Neighborhood Story system for The Sims 4 was even titled that way. But it’s just that we notice absurd details. We digress.

Following the update, if you play Sims 4 mods like MC Command Center, you may want to delay the update until you know for sure the mod is compatible – or until that deaderpool will issue an update if needed.

While it’s generally a good idea to back up your mods, saves, and custom content before any Sims 4 update, we can’t stress enough how important a change like this is. Well, not if you value your backups anyway. If you don’t care about them, you care about yourself, boo.

Despite changes to the game’s UI, in our very brief tests we found no obvious or substantial issues with some of our favorite mods such as TOOL, BetterBuildBuy, or MC Command Center. That said, the patch was quite sizable – just under 500MB with all packs installed. So make a backup and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Update: As we said, we warned you…. some of the UI-based mods will make it impossible to use the new Configure Neighborhood Stories button…so delete them permanently/check for updates/delay your official update if you don’t want to. play without these mods.

A bunch of new scenarios have also been added with the latest Sims 4 update, seven to be precise – included an update on the previously released Too Many Toddlers scenario.

As always, we’re taking the patch notes verbatim from the official announcement on The Sims Forums, and editing them for style and brevity only where appropriate. Patch Notes now available below.

Sims 4 Latest Patch Notes: March 15, 2022 Update

PC: / Mac:
Console: version 1.55

Sul sul, Simmers!

We hope you are safe and sound wherever you are right now.

Today’s update includes a series of bug fixes, several new scenarios, and the expansion of Neighborhood Stories as a configurable system that applies to neighboring Sims throughout your game!

As always, thank you all for your continued support and feedback, and above all, have fun!

What’s new with the latest Sims 4 update?

Play with neighborhood stories!

Have you ever wondered why those Sims next door never move? Or expand your family? Or die of causes other than old age?

Well, Neighborhood Stories is the answer! Last November, we rolled out an update for everyone that added a set of life changes for neighboring Sims who have a personal connection to your active Household. With this release, Neighborhood Stories expands to bring more life to Sims in town without your Sims even having to know about them. These are your neighbors or Sims who live across town, or even across the world. Sims that you are not actively playing now have story moments happening to them. This includes allowing neighboring Sims to die in accidents, have an adoption or a baby, make career changes, or move in and out of the lots.

But you might be thinking to yourself, “I like pancakes as they are!” I don’t want them to move or have children! This is not my story! Don’t worry – Neighborhood Stories can be enabled for all Sims in My Households or Other Households, or individually per household. Not only that, but each story type can also be turned on or off individually. So you can prevent the Pancakes from moving or having children, but Bob can always change careers or die in a serious accident!

To change configurations, simply select Manage Worlds from the Options menu, then select Manage Households. From there, you can choose My Households or Other Households, then configure Neighborhood Stories by selecting the top right button for all households in this tab. Or you can configure them separately per household, using the Neighborhood Stories button in each household.

To see what changes have taken place each day, go to a mailbox and select “Check recent neighborhood stories”. A notification will appear, informing you of the changes that have occurred. Find out what’s happening to Sims around the world, no matter who they are!

New scenarios are now available with support from existing households in certain scenarios!

Would you like to try new Scenarios? With today’s base game update, you can!

We’ve added seven new scenarios to The Sims 4. When you start the game today, you’ll have access to:

  • Too many toddlers: In this updated version of the previously limited-time scenario, aim to earn the Happy Toddler reward trait for this group of up-and-coming child prodigies
  • Troublemaker: The kid is a threat! Choose the path of wickedness or surprise them with a bow of redemption!
  • Rom-Com: Is this relationship a joke? Only you can write the punchline!
  • Super Rich Villain: Getting rich is great, but you know what’s even better? Steal one.
  • alien researcher This Sim wants to…believe! Bring the truth from “out there” to your own home.
  • Unlucky cook: Luck has nothing to do with the passion of this chef…
  • No skill, no problem: Who says Sims have to be skilled to succeed in life? It’s time to prove your street smarts!

In addition to these scenarios, we’ve updated functionality to add existing home support to certain scenarios. You will also notice several tweaks and improvements to various aspects of the feature.

Try these new scenarios today!

Bug fixes for The Sims 4 in the latest update

  • We fixed an issue that prevented wedding venues from being available for base game weddings.
  • If a new scenario is available, you will see a notification now after logging into the game.
  • Opening and closing the Scenarios interface in Live mode is now accompanied by an appropriate animation.
  • Simmers should no longer see the “Happily Ever After?” result for the Engaged in Conflict scenario when both Sims have a good feeling.
  • The conditions of the “Too many to handle” scenario ending in the “Too many toddlers” scenario apply only to toddlers who were present at the start of the scenario.
  • We fixed an issue for some languages ​​that caused scenario result texts to not fit in the text box.
  • The Power Couple Scenario will now end when one of your Sims receives a promotion to CEO.
  • Audio response when starting a scenario in a new save and canceling a scenario in live mode has been improved.
  • The Work Tasks UI for your Active Career should no longer conflict with the Scenario UI when joining a Career and moving around the job at job time.
  • The yfHair_SP19CurlyLowPony hairstyle will now be visible in the Create A Sim catalog when the Female Fashion Choice filter is selected.
  • Fixed an issue with scenarios where the requirement for Sims to be Spoused was showing as complete when there was only one Sim in the household.
  • The scenario name is now also displayed in the scenario start interface.
  • When entering Create a Sim after starting a new scenario, household requirements will no longer be overlapped with the Create a Sim catalog and all information on the panel will be easy to read.
  • Canceling an engagement now correctly counts towards the Wicked Valentine aspiration.
  • We’ve also made a few updates to the friendly calls from other Sims your Sims receive:
  • Your Sims will no longer be called by a neighbor Sim and asked to be friends with another active Sim in the household that your neighbor has never met before.
  • It will also be much clearer for friendship calls now, whether Sims meeting is platonic or romantic in nature.
  • NPC Sims will now have enough self-confidence and will no longer call your Sims asking for permission to be friends with their own spouse.


  • Your Sims who arrive on time for Activity Meetings are no longer reprimanded for being late.

Become famous

  • Uninvited Sims no longer enter your Sims’ home to “catch up” once your Sim’s fame has increased.

Living in a cottage

  • Some Simmers reported that cows and llamas were stuck in their inventory after the Finchwick Fair ended. We have specified how to return your animals to their shelters in the end of fair notification.

spa day

  • Selecting “Teach/Lead” yoga interactions now automatically cancels “Practice Yoga”.


  • Performing the “Ask About Career” interaction with “Conspiracy Theorist” Erwin Pries will no longer cause a llama icon to appear on the Sim’s Career tab and when hovering over the Sim in the Relationships tab, but it should display the correct icon now.

My Marriage Stories

  • Ceremony Interactions are now available when renewing vows or hosting another Sim’s home.
  • Sims must now show up in their proper attire for wedding ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows is now only available for married Sims and Wedding Ceremony is only available for engaged Sims.
  • Romantic Garden Stuff Pack
  • Ghost Sims now resurrect correctly when living Sims use Wishing Wells’ “Wish for Life” interaction.
  • Bust Dust Kit
  • Sims no longer get the “Rage Cleaning” anger moodlet when Bust the Dust is disabled.
  • We’ve also optimized vacuums so your Sims don’t have to battle dust every day.

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