New The Sims 5 Movie Features Suggested By Job Posting

A new job listing by Electronic Arts has led to speculation about the possibility of adding cinematic elements to The Sims series.

A recent job posting from EA hints at new cinematic elements designed to The Sims series. The Sims 4 came out since 2014, the longest generation gap of sims games to date, which has sparked a lot of fan speculation about the release date of The Sims 5 and what this game can hold for players. Although EA is still producing content for The Sims 4 with no signs of ending, fans have long been curious as to what’s next for the series.

The franchise’s Sims have always been expressive in their body language and exclamations, but different iterations of the series have included different ways for player characters to show in-game emotions and react to the world around them. The Sims 2 featured entire cinematic cutscenes that occur when a Sim has a significant event in their life, such as an engagement or an alien abduction. The Sims The series has also always given players options to create their own stories, but this has varied from game to game. The Sims 4 recently added a story progression element to the game, and The Sims 2 allowed players to use their own in-game photos and videos to create their own stories and upload them to the sims Gallery.


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A recent job posting by EA has led to speculation about the incorporation of cinematic elements into The Sims series, reports Sims Community. The listing was for a position in their Maxis division, the developer of The Sims securities. The job posting is for a storyboard artist, stating: “We are looking for a talented visual storyteller to help us visualize our designs, game experiences and technology solutions through animatics and storytelling.” There is a strong emphasis on story in the post, continuing to mention story and narrative elements throughout. As the list goes on, it digs deeper into the duties of the employee at work, with some things seeming to indicate that movie sequences from the past are making a comeback, such as “translate storyboards into Animatic sequences that highlight and bring characters to life.

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There is no timeline given in the listing for when this work will start or how long the project will last that would indicate if this would be an addition to The Sims 4 or a new feature for The Sims 5, but given the complexity of the project, we can reasonably assume that it is for the next game in the series. While The Sims 4 has more DLC content than any other game in the series, things like cutscenes and deeper storytelling options are elements of the game that many fans of the series miss. Although the new neighborhood stories add a slight narrative to The Sims 4it primarily focuses on Sims that the player does not control and cannot compare to the detailed narrative options of past iterations.

A possible return of cinematic footage and storytelling is very promising for the future of the series. Detailed animations would help give The Sims more character, and more narrative options for players would likely lead to an even more active creative community, along with new content to boot. The Sims player builds are shared. However, it’s important to note that this is just speculation based on a job posting, and with no news about a new game in The Sims franchise in sight, it probably won’t be confirmed for some time.

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