New Sims Delivery Express and Scenario Highlight Nature and Frog Catching

A new Sims Delivery Express brings Earth-themed items and Arabian desserts to the game, along with a new storyline all about catching frogs.

New items and recipes have arrived The Sims 4 with the last sims Delivery Express – also known as SDX – alongside a new frog-catching storyline. Recently, most SDX releases have come with a new sims storyline, adding an extra layer of free content to the game. The hugely popular simulation game has received a lot of extra content since its release in 2014, both free and paid, with the new sims Drops Delivery Express introduced in late 2021.

The concept of the two scenarios and sims Delivery Express is quite new to The Sims 4. SDX is the newer of the two and focuses on the concept of adding content to the game small enough that downloading a new update for the game is not required to acquire them. Since their debut, SDX drops have often featured various multicultural items, such as regional foods and traditional clothing. Scenarios arrived just weeks before SDX was created, introducing new story-based challenges for The Sims 4. Players are tasked with helping their Sims achieve various goals, focusing on everything from climbing to the top of a career to repairing a romantic relationship. Some scenarios are only playable for a limited time, while others are always available.


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The new SDX and the scenario were announced by The Sims Twitter account this week, detailing the new foods, clothes, and items included, as well as teasing the new frog-centric storyline. In a belated nod to Earth Day, the new SDX features a “Earth Love” tank top in several different shades. In keeping with the nature theme, a new plant has been added, a cactus called Night-Blooming Cereus. As is the trend with sims Express Delivery, two cultural dishes are also featured – Zaatar Manakeesh savory pastry and Knafeh sweet pastry. The new scenario, titled “Frog Fanatic,” is described by EA as “a Sim frantically trying to piece together all the facts about the frogs in the world.” The script runs until May 24.

Although a bit late for Earth Day, a nature-themed update is a great addition to The Sims 4. The new storyline is a perfect way to encourage players to participate in activities they might otherwise overlook in the game. While collecting items and environmental creatures has always been possible in The Sims 4, this is something that many gamers may not even be aware of. This new content follows a large The Sims 4 Updated UI overhaul that happened earlier this week, which annoyed many players due to updates often breaking mods and custom content. In comparison, the free and discreet addition of content to the game via SDX is a relief for many fans.

sims Delivery Express drops are never filled to the brim with new content, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth adding to the game. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do by surprising players with some new items to play with in the game, introducing items from different cultures and ideally renewing players’ interest in The Sims 4. Scenarios Help Heal sims the burnout of the players as well. While we still don’t know what the future holds The Sims 4 DLC releases, these little additions are a great way to keep players moving forward in the meantime.

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Source: EA, The Sims/Twitter

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