New Sims 5 leak shows The Sims for the first time

A massive new leak from Project Rene’s playtests – believed by many to be The Sims 5 – has shown The Sims from the game for the first time.

A massive new leak of gaming tests from Rene Project – which many have called The Sims 5 – showed for the first time Sims in the game as well as exterior and interior shots. Rene Project was first announced as part of the Behind the Sims Summit last month, with playtests starting soon after. It didn’t take long for leaks to start appearing, but previous images only showed the game’s design mechanics in Workshop Mode.

A new batch of images have added to previous leaks The Sims 5 in-game build test footage to reveal even more about the game, as reported Sims Community. The leaks were originally posted by a now-deleted Twitter account called TheSims5_World, with over 60 different images showing Rene Projectof the world, furniture and the Sims. Images of the Sims themselves were reportedly found in the Rene Project code itself, making the images much coarser than the others included. Three Sims, two female and one male, can be seen in unfinished states, missing things like eyes and full coloring.


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These new Sims 5 leaks reveal the most information yet

Sims 4 Sim Cassandra Goth looks excited in front of a computer.

Other pictures of The Sims 5 shown in the leaks offer a great deal of new information about the game. The world footage shows some sort of promenade area which appears to feature storefronts, a cafe, and cars – although it’s unclear if the vehicles will have a feature or will only serve as decorations as they do in The Sims 4. To of october Behind The Sims Summit Presentationdebate on Rene Project focused solely on its decorating abilities, which is greatly showcased in these leaks: a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom can be seen, and they are all filled with numerous pieces of furniture ever seen before. More of the game’s apartment focus is also demonstrated in the leak, showing split residential spaces similar to those seen in The Sims 4: City Living.

First and foremost, with leaks like these, it’s important for fans to note that everything is a work in progress. This was strongly emphasized by the developers during the Behind the Sims Summitwho said that Rene Project is still in its pre-alpha phase at the moment. When The Sims 5 started to be hacked a week in its playtests, it was clear that it wouldn’t be long before a flood of leaks began to surface, and it’s most likely not the last gamers to see. Rene Projectit is therefore essential to take both these new images and those which will inevitably resurface in the future with a grain of salt.

With only stills, it’s hard to get a clear idea of ​​what the actual gameplay will be like in Rene Project, though the game’s emphasis on flatness is a definite change of pace from previous entries in the franchise. However, some fans believe that Rene Project is probably not The Sims 5and is rather a kind of derivative title similar to The Sims Freeplay. Overall, there’s still a lot to learn from fans about the project, and while there will likely be future leaks, they still won’t talk about the final nature of The Sims 5 will be.

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Source: Sims Community, Sims/Twitter community

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