New Sims 4 Glitch Causes Unexpected Cruelty Among Sims

An extremely chaotic new Sims 4 bug has accompanied a recent update, forcing Sims to act roughly autonomously and fight with other Sims.

A recent patch for The Sims 4 pushed Sims to fight autonomously with other Sims, and fans are looking for solutions. The last patch accompanied The Sims 4 the base game becomes free for all new players, and it included additions like an updated tutorial feature, a new Loyalty for Sims trait, and furniture celebrating the game’s 22nd anniversary.

A new article from Sims Community brought to light an endemic problem triggered by the latest The Sims 4 patch, highlighting a thread on the EA Answers forum with players complaining that their Sims constantly perform mean interactions on their own. Since the patch went live, players have noticed that Sims frequently insult and fight with others, even those they have a high relationship with. The thread’s OP, ChickNuggEnthuse, noted that the issue even affects Sims from a loving, happy family, all of whom lack any evil traits or skills. User chatonayngel added that “Sims from all worlds destroy their relationships with these mean interactions, making the game completely unplayable and heartbreaking.”


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This Sims 4 Cruelty Glitch Has Serious Storytelling Repercussions

For players who enjoy creating in-game narratives, The Sims 4 personality traits are essential to create unique characters and stories, as these traits help dictate their actions. Generally, letting Sims act on their own is a good way for players to observe how a family’s story progresses without micromanaging. Although players are still in control of their Sims when it comes to important things like meeting their basic needs or going to work, part of the fun of The Sims 4 is to see what Sims do on their own and let them dig into their own story.

When Sims perform mean interactions with others, it not only harms their level of relationship with the Sim, but can also form negative feelings that have a lasting impact on how both Sims interact. Up to a point, this damage can be repaired by things like The Sims 4 cheat relationship for romance and friendship, as well as mods like MCCC that can disable autonomous medium interactions. It was also discovered that Sims with the new Loyal trait are not affected by this bug. However, Simmers shouldn’t have to use cheats and outside resources just to avoid relationship-destroying glitches.

At this point, fans were disappointed with broken The Sims 4 updated so many times that it’s sadly started to feel right up to the franchise. Currently, this latest issue has been plaguing players for several weeks with no fix in sight from EA. In the past, bugs that accompanied updates did everything from Sims in The Sims 4 accidentally famous to cause rapid aging that led to many early deaths of Sims. There’s been no word yet from EA on a patch for this new bug that makes The Sims overly cruel, so The Sims 4 players will have to settle for other temporary fixes for now.

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Source: EA Answers (Going through Sims Community), The Sims/YouTube

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