Murphy bed can’t hurt you in this new Sims 4 mod

A new Sims 4 mod takes away the sting of death, or at least some kind of death. The Murphy Bed No Fail mod from Teknikah does what it says on the label and keeps the Murphy bed from killing you on a bad night. Or a good one. Or anytime, really. Unlike some other life sim Murphy Bed mods that reduce the chance of dying when trying to fix the bed, this one removes the possibility entirely by eliminating the possibility of you failing while trying to fix the bed.

The breakage and death rates may seem exaggerated, but if you’ve ever handled a Murphy bed in real life, you know how heinous — and deadly — these abominations can be. The last place you want to be is under a Murphy bed.

Teknikah’s mod affects the loveseat and not the Murphy Beds loveseat, but it does not change the price or catalog location. They said it might not work with other mods that affect the Murphy bed. However, you don’t really need any other Murphy Bed mods with this one. EA adjusted the break rate so the bed goes haywire less frequently, and having a permanent fail-safe state takes care of everything else.

So you can sleep soundly at night while you wait for the High School Years expansion to launch later in July.

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