Maxis performed an exorcism in the cursed main menu of The Sims 4

Among the many undeserved stereotypes about millennials, the one unanimous truth is that we are horrified by unexpected phone calls. And receive unexpected repeated calls? Well, I can just choose to throw my phone out the window. Maxis tapped into that primal fear and brought it to life as the famous “Ring Ring Girl” from The Sims 4, now an official Sim you can download from the gallery and a harbinger of an update to the Sims 4. Main Menu.

the much reviled Ring Ring Girl has been in the Sims 4 start menu for quite some time, torturing players with her adoring gaze every time they start up. She may seem bossy, even obsessive, but honestly, she was just giving genuine advice that you can check your Sim’s phone to find them a job or call their friends.

Yesterday Maxis rolled out a small game update to overhaul the game’s start menu and with it launched Ring Ring Girl.

(Image credit: Maxis, Electronic Arts)

She is everywhere. She calls you. Why don’t you answer? Won’t you just look at your Sim’s phone?

Obviously, everyone noticed the rise of Ring Ring Girl. Of course, they were all horrified. Obviously they expressed their terror on Twitter and on Reddit.

Maxis Dubbed Ring Takeover Ring Girl And Decided To Offer Her As A Downloadable Sim on the public gallery. Her name is Callia Maebey and she is erratic, self-centered, demanding and longs to be a friend to the world. Yes, she’s referring to a meme from 2012. She really is the light and dark of millennial Simmers.

I briefly worried that players would give in to their worst instincts and start throwing Ring Ring Girl into ladderless pools, but it turns out Callia needn’t fear retaliation. Opting for creation over destruction, the Simmers decided to give it a makeover, rolling out favorite hairstyles, fashions, and no shortage of The Sims 4 CC to make it vibrate a little less, ah, intense.

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In the middle of all the Callia fever was yesterday’s game update for The Sims 4. In its April 26 patch notes, Maxis explains some new features of the modular main menu. Most important, relatively speaking, is that you can now start playing your last saved Sim directly from the menu instead of loading a world and then continuing, which will allow you to skip an intermediate loading screen.

The Sims 4 main menu is now back to normal, or new normal anyway. Callia got the boot, but she instead found a new legacy in everyone’s save games.

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