Kenyetta Sims Appointed Director of Diversity Training and Education for Total Diversity Clinical Trial Management

DALLAS, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Total Diversity Clinical Trial Management, a global contract research organization and full-service diversity organization, announced Kenyetta SimsMAOM, CCRC as Director of Diversity Education and Training.

Kenyetta is an innovative leader who has worked successfully with underrepresented populations for two decades in community health care and a decade at the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). This framework provides primary care services to underserved areas through federally funded community health care providers. Focusing on eliminating health disparities in research, Kenyetta is experienced in conducting nationally funded research aimed at addressing gaps in LGBTQ+ health, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. and other infectious diseases involving gender-affirming care.

Kenyetta brings first-hand knowledge of barriers to study participation, as well as site-level solutions needed to improve diverse patient access to clinical trials. Leveraging this knowledge and expertise in program and curriculum development, Kenyetta developed the Total Diversity Diversity Training and Education Program (DTEACH™), which targets individual research site needs related recruiting and enrolling diverse patient populations in clinical trials.

“Kenyatta’s role with Total Diversity is timely as many clients turn to us to learn how to train their sites and site networks,” said Kim KundertSVP of Site Development Services at Total Diversity.

About TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management
TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management is a full-service CRO and diversity organization with an integrated focus on support services highlighting diversity and inclusion in clinical trials. Diversity-focused service offerings include consulting, site feasibility assessment, training programs, patient recruitment and retention services and more. Our established network of sites includes experienced researchers with a focus on diversity as well as those with access to diverse populations.

Amanda Rangel
Senior Vice President, Business Development Total Clinical Trial Diversity Management [email protected]

SOURCE Total Diversity

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