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Boro-Wide Recycling Corp. (BWR) and Mr. T Carting Corp. (MRT), both based in Queens, New York, have announced their intention to merge and move forward as Boro-Wide Recycling to submit a joint bid for the NYC Commercial Request for Proposals (RFP ) for the waste area.

Together, the two companies have over a century of combined experience in solid waste management.

The joint venture between BWR and MRT has been described as “natural”, given that the two predecessor companies have at times joined forces to navigate New York’s highly competitive waste management industry. Coincidentally, BWR was one of MRT’s first customers at its municipal solid waste transfer station when it opened in the late 1980s.

“Our companies have a long history of working together and [an even] long history of serving customers in New York. We are proud to combine our efforts to submit a bid in response to the CWZ RFP,” said Tom Toscano, President of MRT.

Following the merger, the newly formed company’s materials recovery facility located in Maspeth will become the largest commercial recycling plant in Queens, with the capacity to process approximately 150,000 tonnes of mixed recycling per year. The merger will also result in the transformation of the Brooklyn Solid Waste Transfer Station into an organics recycling facility capable of processing 90,000 tons of food waste annually for anaerobic digestion or composting. This conversation should expand New York City’s ability to divert organics.

“Boro-Wide is committed to building a zero-waste future in New York City, and we believe Mr. T Carting shares this goal. We are excited to work with them and the city to usher in the next era of sustainability,” said Bob Cristina, President and CEO of BWR.

In addition to Boro-Wide Recycling’s commitment to waste diversion, the company also plans to pursue a shared priority for advanced technology. According to a statement, the predecessor companies will combine their use of advanced technologies, including route optimization and on-board truck scales. They will also actively use collision avoidance technology and five-way cameras to increase the safety of their fleet by analyzing pedestrian and vehicle activity.

As the predecessor companies come together to do business as Boro-Wide Recycling, they aim to keep several aspects of third-generation family businesses in mind, such as safety, efficiency, equality and continued investment in technology and people.

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