How to Write Songs in The Sims 4

One of the fantasies available in The Sims 4 for people with reduced mobility is to write music and share it in the virtual world.

The Sims has various activities that players can undertake, including writing songs. Whether players want to build a killer basement, own a house, or become famous, they can live out any fantasy they imagine. One of the fantasies available in The Sims 4 for the musically impaired is to write music and share it in the virtual world. All players need is a talented Sim who can put in plenty of hours into the game.

Unless players want to send their untrained Sim out in public and play horrible music on par with the bloodiest The Sims 4 torture mods, musically inclined characters must be associated with a particular instrument and devote their practice time to it. Songwriting is only available at skill level 8 for a particular instrument. For example, a Sim might have level 8 for the piano skill, but that doesn’t translate to playing the guitar. Players must download expansions or mods if they wish to sing or write music for anything other than guitar, piano, or violin.


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Write Music and Earn Money in The Sims 4

Music in The Sims 4

Once a Sim reaches Level 8 in Guitar, Piano, or Violin, players must send the Sim to their instrument and choose the new “Write a Song” option. They will be presented with various genre options, such as “a courageous melody” or “a mournful lament”, the latter being thematically appropriate if the Sim is in love with The Sims 4It’s the grim reaper. The higher a Sim’s skill, the more options they have for writing music. Songwriting takes about twelve in-game hours, so Sims likely won’t be able to complete the song in one sitting unless the player takes care of all their needs just before starting and playing until that they can no longer wait for these needs. . Players can pause writing and return to the song by accessing the song’s score. Writing one song at a time is best to avoid problems.

Once the Sim is complete, players can name their new song and add it to the list of playable songs. For Sims, who see music as a hobby, that’s more than enough. However, if players want to give their Sim another source of income (and would not instead become a wedding & divorce speedrunner at The Sims 4), they will need to authorize the song. This option unlocks with skill level 9. Players must mail their Sim to their mailbox, choose the “License Song” option, and navigate to their desired instrument and song. Royalty payments will arrive at 10 a.m. every morning, ranging from a hundred to a thousand simoleons. Sims can only license one song per week, so they can pace themselves in the songwriting process and enjoy the extra income.

There are many mods, cheats, and expansions that players can use to expand their songwriting experience. The Get Famous extension, although not part of the best extensions for The Sims 4, allows Sims to become a celebrity. Licensing their music can make them famous. Sims can also sing with the City Living expansion. If players would rather not spend extra money on a few extra mechanics, writing songs in the base game of The Sims 4 is always a pleasant experience.

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