How to win the Finchwick Fair

With the Living in a cottage Expansion pack in The Sims 4, Simmers can now explore the world of Henford-on-Bagley, help the villagers with their errands and take care of many animals. Apart from raising animals, players can also register them for the weekly fair in Finchwick.

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Usually the Finchwick Fair is held at Henford-on-Bagley’s Finchwick (next to the garden and grocery stalls at The Sims 4). Every week, players can participate and enter their livestock or products to win prizes and Simoleons. The theme changes weekly, so Simmers should be prepared for anything.


How to win the Finchwick Fair in The Sims 4

pet a chick and a llama in the sims 4

Simmers can enter the contest either by submitting a product; oversized body, normal body, a pie, etc., or cattle; cows, llamas and chickens. The rarer the product or livestock, the more players have a chance of winning.

Each fair has two competitions, each with its own stand. Simmers must walk up to each and select Submit an entry. Before going to the fair, make sure that the products are in the Inventory as well as the animals. The latter can be added by clicking on the animal and then selecting Actions, Inventory.

There are five themes for the Finchwick fair, these themes are:

  • Garden lounge
  • Oversized Business Fair
  • Llama fair
  • cow fair
  • chicken fair

The garden fair

a pie and a normal sized body in the sims 4

The two competitions are garden and pie. To win the first, players will have to put their gardening skills to the test. Bringing rare harvestable fruits like pomegranate and dragon fruit, they will surely win this competition. Common and rare crops like lemons and strawberries can also be submitted. The important thing is to take care of the plant daily by watering it, weeding it and fertilizing it until the day of the competition.

Additionally, having a Golden Chicken blessing plants will improve any harvestable quality.

To win the second contest, the Simmers must bake a pie with rare ingredients. Making the pie with an uncommon egg like the rainbow one, and perfect quality fruit will result in a great pie. Always remember that the fresher the ingredients, the better.

Oversized Business Fair

Oversized Corp and a Pie in The Sims 4

Like the Garden theme, this one will have the pie contest. Players must select any type of pie available in the Cooking category in the fridge. It is advisable to use fresh and rare ingredients, although Simmers can still make a perfect pie with normal ingredients.

The other competition is the oversized body. Players should bring their biggest, coolest and most perfect oversized product. They can start by buying the new garden land from the purchase mode. After that click on it and Buy Oversized Body Seeds. Plant and care for it like any other plant. Slow cookers can also buy fertilizer that will keep the plant free of weeds and insects. It takes time to fully develop, so be patient. The body can be put in the fridge until the start of the fair.

Llama fair

golden and rainbow llama and wool in the sims 4

By purchasing a Breeding Stall in Build Mode, players can purchase Llamas. Only one llama can fit in one stall. To win the first contest, Simmers must have a great friendship with their livestock. In addition, the llama must be clean, well fed and happy. Giving them treats like gold and rainbow will give them wool of different colors, which leads to the second competition.

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The first contest being reserved for llamas, the second will obviously be a wool contest. The color and quality depend on the color and mood of the llama respectively. If Simmers befriended their pet and gave it special treats, they will be rewarded with high-quality rare wool.

cow fair

rainbow cow and milk in the sims 4

Like llamas, cows are large and can only live in a barn. Cleaning the hangar and refilling the food is a crucial step in winning the first contest. Apart from regular stall cleaning and stocking, players also need to clean and socialize with the cow to have a good relationship. Once it’s in good shape, Simmers can now take it to the fair. They can give him a treat or keep the normal cow. The important thing is to have high needs.

The second competition is the milk. It can be normal or rare milk. Feeding the cow treats like the Flirty or Rainbow trait will result in a special milk after milking. It is possible to present fluid milk of excellent quality. But, rare milk has a slightly better chance of winning.

chicken fair

a golden hen and an egg in the sims 4

This theme has the chicken and the egg contest. Players must submit their best chicken and its product. A well-fed, clean and satisfied chicken is an important aspect. Additionally, feeding it the golden treat will turn it into a golden chicken, which can bless any harvestable for further competitions. Slow cookers can also submit this special chicken for the fair.

golden chicken and candy in the sims 4

As for the second contest, any rare and excellent egg will do. Players can get them by giving treats to chickens and eventually they will lay special eggs. Entering the fair with these eggs will surely give any Sim a Moodlet Confidence. Normal eggs can also work as long as they are of the maximum quality.

fair rewards and bribe the judge in the sims 4

Each player receives a white ribbon for their participation. However, first, second and third place have their own ribbons and other awards:

  • First place: red ribbon, $500 and random gardening items
  • Second place: blue ribbon, $250 and random gardening items
  • Third place: yellow ribbon, $50 and random gardening items

Finally, if players are desperate to win, they can always bribe the judge, Mayor Lavina Chopra, for $250.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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