How to prepare for The Sims 4 to go free and what mods to download

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Alright Simmers, our time is finally here. We’re finally going to get The Sims 4 for free. With that in mind, it’s time to prepare. What does it mean? We want to teach you how to play The Sims the right way. This claim is debatable because there really is no right way to play The Sims. You can play any way you want, but we’re here to tell you that you could play in a way that will change your life. Do you prefer to play the usual way or in a life-changing way? If you have chosen to change your life, you are right, this is the correct answer. Here’s how to prepare for The Sims 4 to go free and what mods to download. Yes, we will teach you how to use mods.

How to Prepare for The Sims 4 to Go Free

We’re going to assume that players who try Sims 4 now that it’s free are coming in completely new. Its good! We all have to start somewhere! If you’re going to be playing The Sims 4 on your PC or MAC, we’ve got some great tips for you to organize your mods folder. What is a mods folder? A mod folder contains all the necessary custom content and add-ons that you can use in the game. Want to wear modern clothes? Try adding custom alpha content. Want your Sim to finish their homework faster? Mods can do this. That’s probably a lot of information right now, but don’t worry, we’ll break it down. First, let’s talk about personalized content.

What is Custom Content in The Sims 4?

Unfortunately, Sims 4 doesn’t have many options when creating a Sim. You have the basic clothes, skins, and other features, but it’s not the best. The creators of the Sim world created custom content which are files that you can add to your game to create their appearance. First, let’s find out what type of Sim creator are you. Do you want to create a Sim wearing high quality looks? Do you have a high-end computer capable of handling graphics? Want a more glossy look for your Sim rather than matte? You’ll want alpha custom content in your game. If you’re looking for clothes that match the Sims 4 color scheme well, you’ll want to go for the Maxis Match custom content. Once you’ve decided on the type of custom content you want, you’ll want to look for specialized creators. You can use places like Sims Resource, Pinterest, and even Tumblr to find what you’re looking for.

What are mods in The Sims 4?

Mods change the gameplay, whether it’s in a minimal way, such as having your Sim complete homework incredibly quickly, or in a big way by providing realistic birth scenarios for your Sims. Mods are completely safe to use and all you have to do is these three things:

  • Make sure the mod you download is UPDATED and matches the latest version of The Sims 4 to prevent your game from crashing or crashing.
  • Add .script files to your main mods folder, while .packages can be in multiple folders.
  • Enable Allow mods and custom content in your game under settings so you can see them

Some people like to add mods that give them a realistic experience. If you want to have a realistic life where you can smoke, go to the dentist, take out loans, and ask your parents out on a date, they’ll change the gameplay. Others just want better gameplay i.e. they use mods to remove the clutter of social interactions when Sims talk or they have a UI cheat that lets you reply to your needs and easily increase your skill levels. However you play the game, always make sure the mod is updated to your latest version and not broken.

Realistic mods to download for The Sims 4

If you want to go the realistic route and want realism in your game, look no further because we have some mods you should always keep in your mod folder. You can always play around with the mods settings if you want to disable certain actions or enable certain ones. For example, the MCC mod has some settings where you need to disable or enable them. If you want your spouse to pay you child support, you need to enable this feature. Do you want your teenage Sims to fall in love with young adults? Gotta turn it on. Here are our best realistic mods you need to download for The Sims 4.

  • MCC: MC Command Center should be in everyone’s mod folder. This is a mod that you will use religiously. It can help you cheat to gain certain skill levels, you can add or remove relationships, let you change your Sims’ favorite drink or umbrella, and much more. Do you like population control? Do you like being able to add a relationship with an NPC without having to talk to them? It is a mod for daily use.
  • Basic Drugs: This mod isn’t something you need, but it adds a bit of realism if you want to start a family that has drug problems. Maybe your teen ran away and is now smoking to cope? The scenarios you could create from this mod are honestly the best. Basemental Drugs allows drug use and you can even regulate which cities are allowed to do so. You can assign police and they can raid your house if there are drugs.
  • PandaSama Childbirth Mod: If you really want to add realism, you need this mod. You can talk to a doctor about having a C-section or if you want to do it the natural way. There’s also a way for your pregnant Sim to do breathing exercises, and your partner can swing with you. There are a lot of moods you can earn when you have this mod. Yes, when you have a caesarean section or normal delivery, you will see the baby come out. The animation is crazy and we love how realistic it is.

If you’re excited for the upcoming free release of The Sims 4, be sure to check out Surprise Sports to find out what new features are coming to The Sims. The Sims 4 will be released for free on October 18, 2022. For more information about The Sims and games, follow us on Surprise Sports. We publish game tips, guides and news for popular and upcoming game titles.

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