How to Make Sims Playful in The Sims 4

Make sims playful in The Sims 4 is just one of many fun ways to get your sims to perform special interactions with each other. In The Sims 4, you might need your sim to be playful to achieve a work performance goal, to help you if they’re writing jokes, or maybe to complete the emotional painting challenge for the painting aspiration. Whatever the reason, be careful because a playful simulation becomes hysterical and runs the risk of an emotion-induced death. For all the ways you can make your sims playful, read here.

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The Sims 4: Ways to Get Playful Moodlets

Tell jokes

Perhaps the easiest way to get a playful vibe for your sims is to tell jokes. By queuing up jokes and telling a few at a time to nearby sims, you can achieve a playful vibe. Watching other sims tell jokes will also boost the mood.

Once playful, more playful interactions will unlock, highlighted in purple. You can choose them when talking with other sims to keep boosting your playful moods.

Sim Traits

Game Features in The Sims 4

Assigning the Childish or Goofball trait to your sim will increase the chance of them entering a random playful mood. This chance increases further if they have the childish trait and play with children’s toys.

Special recipes

Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes in The Sims 4

‘Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes’ are a special recipe that is only available to cook when your sim is in a playful mood. However, if your sim is upbeat, it’s a good idea to cook them up and ensure you can bring that mood back later. Once eaten, the gummy bears induce playfulness for three hours. The recipe requires cooking level three to be used.

Other Playful Interactions


Here are all the options you can perform to encourage your sim to adopt a playful mood:

  • Choose “Watch funny videos on”. action when on a PC. (+1 boost for four hours)
  • Choose the “Pull Silly Face” interaction when clicking on a mirror. (+1 boost for two hours)
  • Watch a Comedy channel on TV (+1 boost for three hours)
  • Take a bubble bath. (+2 boost for four hours)
  • Eat Razzleberries (from Jungle Adventure)
  • Empathize with flirty sims (if playing as an alien)
  • Drink sparkling apple juice
  • Use the Foamy Slide (if you have the Backyard Stuff pack).
  • Play at a jungle gym or watch kids shows (if playing as a kid sim)
  • If a voodoo doll is used on your sim and the frolic interaction is chosen
  • Drink the essence of a Cowplant’s playfulness
  • Drink Cafe Coffee (requires Get Together Pack)
  • Being near a mischievous ghost

playful paintings

Make a playful painting in The Sims 4

This is a more permanent version of the gummy bear recipe. Have your sim create an “emotional painting” when they’re in a playful mood. Once the painting is complete, your sim can choose to view it at any time and the interaction will put them in a playful mood.

It’s a great idea to do if you have a career that relies on your playful mood, because you can see the picture at any time. You only need to be in a playful mood during the initial creation, you don’t need to stay in the mood throughout the painting of the room for it to work.

Other fun items and furniture

Playful hat in The Sims 4

The following objects can create a playful aura around them:

  • Playful Plumbob Lamp (reward for registering owned Sims 3 expansions)
  • Hysterical Tiger Hat (requires deluxe edition of base game)
  • Star Glasses (requires deluxe edition of base game)
  • Void Critter Cards (requires Kid’s Room Stuff Pack)
  • All MySim Dolls trophies
  • Fuzzread article (unlocks with Social Media Career level 8)
  • My Sims are leaving! Autographed poster (unlocks with Social Media Career level five)
  • I Otter Be A Star Pop Art (level five of artist career)
  • Our Founder Statue (Secret Agent Career Level Ten)
  • Stolen Necklace of the Late Duchess Pinky (Tier 8 Criminal Career)
  • Commemorative Freeze Ray (secret agent career level ten)
  • Gold Bars (Level 7 Criminal Career)
  • Duffel o’ Cash (level three of the criminal career)
  • Spy Emblems (Criminal Career Tier 2)
  • Stolen ATM (Criminal career level six)
  • Captain Rodrigo by Pablo Cask (level six of the Culinary Career)

Festival of humor and jokes

Festival of humor and pranks in The Sims 4

The Humor and Hijinks Festival is an addition that came with The Sims 4: City Living. Join the festival and reroll the option to be part of the jokesters who use comedy or the pranksters who use mischievous interactions.

If you drink the “light” yellow tea, you can become a Jokester and receive a plus two bonus for playing for six hours.

You can also purchase items from the pop-up booth, including a voodoo doll and bubbles. If the Jokers win, you’ll receive 500 simoleons and a mic to practice comedy routines on.

Blowing bubbles can produce the playful mood, however, they can also produce the focused, inspired or happy mood, everyone’s chances are random.

The Sims 4: Death by Hysteria

Death by hysteria in The Sims 4

Laughing a sim to death is one of the hardest deaths to achieve in The Sims 4. As such, it has become a challenge to achieve emotion-based deaths in the community. For this to work you need to create as many playful moods as possible and watch your sim go from playful to very playful to hysterical.

Once your sim is in a hysterical mood, continue to have them tell jokes, take bubble baths, and interact with playful decor. It also helps if they have a roommate who continually uses the “Frolic” voodoo doll interaction with them.

Once death is triggered, your sim will start laughing uncontrollably until he can’t catch his breath and Grim comes looking for him.

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