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Your Sim can join a Secret Society in The Sims 4: Unlock University. It’s a hidden organization that isn’t reachable in the same way as others – you need to know where to look.

Once completed, this guide will tell you how to join the secret society in TS4, its hidden location, ranks and rewards, events, etc.


What is the Secret Society in The Sims 4?

In Discover University, there are seven organizations; three at the University of Britechester, three at the Foxbury Institute and a secret society known as the enchantment order who can be joined no matter what school your Sim attends.

It’s a hidden organization with an element of magic, and joining is no small feat: you need to know exactly where to go and what to do to be accepted. Like other student societies, the Order of Enchantment has three ranks, each with a set of rewards. More on that below.

To learn more about the other six Organizations in The Sims 4, including how to join them and the rewards, head over to our Organizations Guide.

How to Join the Order of Enchantment

To join the Secret Society, your Sim must be a student at one of two universities. See our Degrees page for everything you need to know about which degree to take and which school to choose.

make an offering

To begin the membership process, your Sim will need to make an offering to their university’s main statue in the courtyard. At the University of Britechester the statue is a giant open book, and at the Foxbury Institute it is a sculpture.


Once at the statue, click on it and then on “Make an offer for academic success” where a menu will appear asking you to choose your offer. The Organization does not accept just any gift, however, you must have something that proves how badly you want to join.

The best offers to join the Order of Enchantment are:

  • Excellent quality pastries
  • rare crystals
  • Rare metals
  • Rare gardening plants

Acceptance of membership application

You won’t know if your offering was successful until the following night. If the Organization is happy with your gift, a member will come to your home and offer your Sim a place in their ranks. A menu will appear asking if you want to accept or decline.

If accepted, your Sim will receive the Secret Society robes and a mask, which they will automatically wear when attending Order of Enchantment events.

If no one comes to visit your Sim, it means their request has been denied and you will need to offer something more valuable.

Meeting place of the Order of Enchantment

The Secret Society has a special meeting place hidden in the world of Britechester. To find it, have your Sim travel to Pepper’s Pub. Right after that there will be a bridge that leads to some ruins.

Just to the left of the ruins you will see a clearing with a rock in the middle. This is the meeting place.


Once your Sim is a member, they can make offerings to the Sprites at the rock, which can cause positive or negative moods depending on whether the magical beings are pleased with the gift or not.

Sprites will also appear randomly around your Sim and they will need to be appeased otherwise they can cause a bad mood. To keep them happy, entertain other Sims with friendly and fun interactions. If the Sprites are happy, it will have a very positive effect on your Sim’s mood.

Ranks and rewards

As you participate in the Order of Enchantment, your Sim will earn points and eventually level up. The Organization has three levels, each with its own reward. Rewards include special clothing and unique social interactions.

To improve your Sim’s Organization Rank, attend events, befriend other members, and complete tasks that are displayed in the Organization panel of your hotbar, such as making offerings to Sprites.

There are three types of ranks:

  • New member: Your Sim will receive the Rank 1 Order Robe and Mask.
  • seasoned member: Your Sim will get the Sprite Attack Interaction and Order Rank 2 Robes and Masks.
  • Senior Member: Your Sim will receive the Tier 3 Order Robes and can cast powerful sprites on themselves.

You can also artificially increase your rank with cheat codes. For more information, check out our Discover University cheat guide.

Now that you’re a member of the Secret Society in The Sims 4: Discover University, check out the game’s other hidden content on our Secrets page.

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