How to Have Twins in The Sims 4

Have twins in The Sims 4 is a rare event but can be greatly enhanced by certain game mechanics. To know how to have twins The Sims 4 and increase your chances, read on.

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Sims 4: How to Increase the Odds of Twins

A natural pregnancy The Sims 4 has a 10% chance of producing twins and a 1% chance of having triplets. The following methods can increase this percentage:

  • On the lot line The Ley Line.
  • Wishing Well Fertility Wish (requires The Sims 4: Romantic Garden bundle of stuff)
  • Purchase the Fertile trait from the Aspiration Store for 3,000 points.
  • Receive a fertility massage at a spa (requires The Sims 4: Spa Day pack)
  • Raise a Sim’s Wellness skill to 10 so they can perform Fertility Massages (requires The Sims 4: Spa Day pack)
  • Raise the Herbalism skill to level 10 and craft the Elixir of Fertility, (requires The Sims: Outdoor Retreat)

Sims 4: twin cheats

Success of the twins in The Sims 4

You can also cheat to get twins or triplets. As always, to open the cheat bar on PC, press CTRL+Shift+C. Or press all four triggers if you’re playing on console.

To increase the number of descendants, use the following cheat:

  • pregnancy.force_offspring_count (simID) (desired number of babies)

You will also need your SIM card ID for this cheat to work. To know your SIM ID, enter the following cheat:

  • sims.get_sim_id_by_name (sim first name) (sim last name)

You can use this trick to have more than two babies at a time, but you cannot install more than eight sims in a household at a time.

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