How to get Wolfsbane in The Sims 4?

Wolfsbane in The Sims 4 is a plant that can be used to cure both vampirism and lycanthropy. To know where to find aconite The Sims 4, and how to make it a remedy for both occult statuses, read on.

Sims 4: Where to find Wolfsbane

Underground tunnels

There are three underground tunnels in Moonwood Mill. If explored, there is a random chance for your sim to acquire Wolf Aconite in their inventory. As this is randomized, there are faster ways to get the plant listed below. If you want to collect aconite in this way, choose the following options:

Diverging paths > choose ‘navigate debris’ option > water leak > choose ‘continue’ > The Old Mill (from enhanced view) > choose ‘attempt to lift wheel’ option > the lost treasure of the Old Mills.

Note that you will need the Werewolf’s “Night Vision” perk and a substantial fitness skill to complete this path.

moonwood mill

Wolfsbane can also be found in the wild at Moonwood Mill. Appearing as a purple flower, unlike the Moonpetal flower, Wolfsbane can grow throughout the lunar cycle. A popular spawn point for Wolfsbane is near the waterfall south of Greg’s trailer.

forgotten trough

Wolfsbane was first introduced in the The Sims 4 Vampires pack as such, it can also be found in the wilds of Forgotten Hollow.

Order seed packets

It is possible to grow an unlimited supply of Wolfsbane from seed packets. To unlock the ability to command them from a computer, you will first need to max out the Vampire Lore skill to 15.

Sims 4: How to Use Wolfsbane to Cure Lycanthropy

Wolfsbane cures a Sim of lycanthropy

The cure for lycanthropy is called “Wolf-B-Gone” and is unlocked once your sim has read enough of “The Journal of Greggorius Lunvik”.

First, you will need to unlock the “Lunar Epiphany” skill by reading enough books about werewolves. Next, locate the log by feeling the ground and searching the highlighted areas. (These two skills are also unlocked through the werewolf skill tree).

Reading the diary will unlock the remedy which will take the following ingredients:

  • Wolfsbane x10
  • Moon Petals x3

Moon Petals are more difficult to obtain as they can only be harvested during a Full Moon. Keep an eye on the lunar calendar, Moonpetal flowers tend to grow atop the lakeside cliff at Moonwood Mill.

  • For more tips on unlocking his journal and basic knowledge around his character, read our Sims 4 Greg guide.

Sims 4: How to Use Wolfsbane to Cure Vampirism

Vampire Sim in The Sims 4

The cure for vampirism contains the following ingredients:

  • Garlic x 10
  • Wolfsbane x10
  • Plasma Fruit x10
  • 2,500 Simoleons

To unlock the recipe, you must max the Vampire Lore skill to 15 and gather the materials listed. Once you reach this level, you can also unlock the ability to order seed packets online if you prefer to grow them yourself. You can unlock the Vampire Lore skill by researching vampires on PC and reading vampire tomes.

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