How to get started with personalized content

With all the new content coming out for The Sims 4, including a new expansion, there’s plenty of new custom content to tweak the gameplay and add fancy items and new werewolf skins. In fact, most people who play The Sims 4 on PC are already using mods or custom content in their game to some degree and can attest to what this adds to the experience. However, there are still plenty of new users and players who are just not sure about getting into the world of custom content. However, with this guide, it will be a piece of cake.

The Sims 4 has been out for over eight years now and that means a lot of custom content and creators have appeared. The Sims The franchise is well known for its creativity and much of it comes from Simmers creating for games and sharing them with other Simmers. The Sims 4 makes it particularly easy to access, and many tools are available allowing players to easily create content themselves. There are many things in the world of sims Personalized content. Here’s how to start.

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Where to download custom content for The Sims 4

The first step is knowing where to find custom content and avoiding junk that could harm a PC. Fortunately, there are many reliable resources from The Sims has become a major franchise and players no longer have to worry about random Geocities websites. Two of the biggest and most well-known places to get CC are The Sims 4 Gallery, which is an official EA server for those looking to keep it simple, and ModTheSims, a massive, longtime fan-run CC site that has been a major platform for sims content from The Sims 2. It has much more than the Gallery and there are quality standards in place for submitting uploads, which means good content is pretty much guaranteed.

The Sims Resource is another well-known CC site. However, there may be issues with the site when using ad blockers and some content is paid for behind a site membership. There are other independent sites, but it would be wise to verify their authenticity by viewing or asking for feedback at The Sims 4 community, whether on forums, Reddit or wherever Simmers congregate. Finally, players should never have to pay for CC as it is against the game’s Terms of Service.

Mods vs Custom Content in The Sims 4

There’s a big difference between mods and CC and how they affect gameplay. Custom content includes things like items, hair, clothing, and even full-fledged Sims and houses. This means that it is the safest content to download as long as it comes from a trusted source. Mods, on the other hand, almost always alter the game. Sometimes they come in the form of an article, but that’s rare. They can change things like how traits and emotions work, add new or fix gameplay, and even make the game easier or harder to play. They are great fun but can be a bit more advanced to use as they change how the game works and can conflict with each other and game updates.

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Install Custom Content and Mods in The Sims 4

CC must be enabled through game options under Other. Custom content and mods are usually installed by downloading a zip, extracting the file and dropping it into the The Sims 4 Mod folder usually found in Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4. The CC should then appear in-game, ready to go, and mods should start working. Both can just as easily be removed by deleting the file from the Mods folder. However, some mods are more advanced and need to be placed in specific folders, but usually come with their own set of instructions. Mods are also usually updated to work with new DLC and game updates, so be sure to follow them.

Troubleshooting issues with CC and mods in The Sims 4

If something goes wrong with the game, the first recommendation is always to uninstall or disable all mods and CC. However, it’s usually the mods that cause problems because they change the game. They can conflict when multiple mods are installed or stop working if the game has been updated. Always start there when you run into any issues and make sure they work together by checking their download pages.

If an item or garment is invisible or appears to be broken, it usually means there is a problem with the CC which can simply be removed. There are even mods to tell when mods are broken. There are many useful resources online for CC because it’s such an important part of The Simsso don’t be afraid to reach out.

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