How to edit sims in The Sims 4

To edit sims in The Sims 4 you can use the ‘Change Sim’ function. This only changes the cosmetic items your sim is wearing however, to change their facial features you will need to use The Sims CAS edit cheat. To learn the cheat and how to use it, read on.

The Sims 4: How to Edit a Household

Once you’ve confirmed your family and started playing the game, it’s possible to load create-a-sim to change your sim’s outfits. To do this, hold down the Shift key and left click on your sim to bring up the “Edit in CAS” option. Alternatively, you can click on a chest of drawers or wardrobe and select the ‘Change Sim’ or ‘Plan Outfits’ option, either option will take you to the CAS (create-a-sim) screen .

In this limited CAS mode, you can change your sim’s aspirations and outfit, but you cannot change their physical appearance. If you want to unlock the full CAS system on a played family, you will need to use the CAS edit cheat.

The Sims 4: CAS Edit Cheat


To enter create-a-sim with all the options available to you, including facial structure, body type, aspirations, and traits, you must first enable cheats in your game. To do this, bring up the cheat box with CTRL+Shift+C (on PC) or by holding down all four triggers if you’re playing on console.

Then type “testingcheats true” in the box to enable cheats. Type ‘cas.fulleditmode’ to enable the edit mode cheat. Then just hold down the Shift key, left click on your SIM card and select “Edit in CAS”. This should load crate-a-sim with all options unlocked and the ability to fully modify your sim.

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