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The Sims 4 Mod Manager is a mod that allows you to organize all your custom content and mods in an easy way. The mod provides the tools to easily categorize The Sims 4 CC and even provides a thumbnail interface for each download. So if you have hundreds of mods and can’t remember half of them, the Mod Manager tool can go a long way in sifting through the old and making room for the new content. For more information on installing the mod and how to use it, read on.

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The Sims 4: How to Use the Mod Manager

You can select and move mods into folders to better manage them and make it easier to find specific mods.

The “upload” and “unload” options basically dictate whether or not mods will be included in your game file. You can unload custom content at any time, which means you won’t have it in your game, but you also won’t lose the download if you want to include it again.

Thumbnails are a game changer. Most mods will already have image files attached; the mod manager uses them as thumbnails so you can see which mods are what without having to load them into your game first. personalized content.

You can also filter items by creator type or select a different thumbnail image for the file.

The “Problems” tab on the left side is a great tool to find any CC files that have been corrupted or are outdated. Previously, to find a broken CC file, you had to uninstall all content and custom mods and add them back into the game until the broken file could be located. Now, with the Mod Manager, you have a chance to locate them with much more ease.

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The Sims 4: How to Download the Mod Manager

The Sims 4 Mod Manager

If the Mod Manager sounds like a useful tool to you, head over to GameTimeDev’s page on The Sims Mod to download it.

Once downloaded, unzip the file and launch the application. Accept the license and follow the startup instructions. The app will then launch and automatically group some of your mods into folders.

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