How to do homework faster and get better grades

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If you’re wondering how to do your homework, The Sims 4 is so much easier and more fun than real life! One of the unique aspects of Sims 4 is how it mimics real-world experiences, including raising Sims children and improving your Sim’s academic performance. Figuring out how to help with homework is a challenge, especially with the complex updates from previous Sims games.

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Below we discuss everything you need to know about homework in the Sims 4 universe!

What you need to know about homework in the Sims universe

Homework is nothing new to the Sims franchise. The game capitalizes on real-world tasks, like doing the dishes, raising the kids, paying the bills, going to work, and juggling every stage of life. The homework system has evolved throughout The Sims 2 and 3 to the current level, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

Children have to go to school

The game requires all Sims children to be in school. In previous games, you could choose the type of primary school your children and teenagers attended, although public school is now your only option. Fortunately, you can influence their mood and social life during the school day by helping them make decisions about social dilemmas.

For example, you may receive a notification about another child Sim cheating on a test or bullying younger Sims. Parenting your Sim through these scenarios has a direct impact on their personality.

Adults can choose to go to college

Young adult Sims can choose to further their education by attending college. You can choose between two schools with the Discover University expansion pack. Before participating, your Sims must apply, just like real college students would.

Both college options, University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute of Technology, will analyze your Sim’s skills and grades before offering an acceptance or rejection letter. You can also apply for grants and loans to help fund your Sim’s education. Once in school, they can choose a different degree like Literature, Electronic Arts, Science, Technology, etc.

Every adult Sim attending college must do their homework, just like child Sims, though they generally spend less time each day in class. College students must balance term papers, daily assignments, extra credits, and exams while taking class. Helping your older Sim stay on track with their college homework prevents them from failing the semester.

You don’t have to worry about school transport

You will notice that Sims 4 does not have a school bus or any other transportation system to get your child or teen Sims to school. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about walking them around or watching them arrive. In Sims 4, all students automatically teleport to the necessary classroom at the appropriate times.

Locating homework becomes complicated

Keeping track of all the homework in The Sims 4 universe isn’t easy. Each student’s age group receives different homework books, so it’s important to keep them organized. The following key describes the color of each Sim’s homework book by age:

  • Children: yellow textbook and orange homework book
  • Teen homework: Blue homework notebook
  • Adults: black and white book (found in Sims inventory)

You can purchase books and copies if your Sim loses the original version. We also recommend getting a bookshelf to organize all the homework books in your home. Mature students can buy books and assignments at the university kiosk.

How to do homework: Sims 4

Now that you understand how homework works, let’s discuss how to help your Sims family dominate homework. Schoolwork is a necessary evil in the game as Sims’ grades suffer when they skip assignments or turn in assignments incomplete.

Homework for The Sims 4 Kids

When your child Sim comes home from school, they bring an orange book in their backpack with all their homework. You have to make them do their homework before the next school day. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Sim Inventory for your younger Sims.
  2. Click on “Do your homework”.
  3. Help them with all the needs while they work.
  4. Send an adult Sim to help with the child’s homework.
  5. Click on “Homework Help” in the Adult Sim’s inventory.
  6. Increase the child’s “skill” levels to complete homework faster (like research and debate skill).
  7. Once complete, have the Sim complete additional credits to improve their homework grades.

Note that whenever you let a Sim do their homework, they will continue to work until they are done, unless they need something. Keep an eye out for event triggers and low needs to ensure your child or teen Sim keeps working hard.

Help Sim Teens Dominate Homework

Teen Sims do their regular homework, just like younger Sims. Once they get home from school, open the inventory menu and select the option to work on class assignments. You can ask one of your other Sims to offer homework help to complete the process faster by following the same instructions above.

If your teen Sim has a B in the class, they can also choose to do extra credits to boost their grades. Helping your teenage Sim get an A improves their chances of being accepted into college.

We also recommend getting headphones from the Fitness Stuff Pack to let your teens listen to music while they do their homework. Sometimes grueling school hours can lower the level of enjoyment, but music helps keep the energy high.

Carry out school projects

In addition to regular homework, your family members sometimes bring home school projects. In Sims 4: Parenting, you’ll likely see a school project at least once a week.

Unlike assignments, projects are semi-optional. If your Sim completes the job, their grade goes up, but if they don’t complete it in a few days, their grade will only drop slightly.

You can ask your Sims to complete projects as they do their homework. The new homework project appears in the inventory, where you can invite your Sim to start working on it. There are two options when they do their homework for a school project:

  • Negligent: Letting your Sim do their homework carelessly completes the project faster, though it provides lower grade increases.
  • Careful: When Sims work diligently on a project, they will further improve their grades and gain certain skills, depending on the type of project. Child Sims can learn creativity or building skills while teens can learn more specific skills like painting or rocket science.

To kick the homework project into high gear, you can have up to three Sims work together, including adults. We recommend assigning an adult with more advanced skills to help get things done. Upon completion, all child Sims will receive improved Responsibility Character Value Scores.

Complete an adult Sim’s college work

If you sign up for the University Extension, you have the fun option of sending your adult Sims to college. College assignments are more advanced because they require your Sims to complete assignments for multiple courses at once. Rather than doing one homework a day, each Sim may need to do two or three to prepare for class the next day.

When you’re ready to have your Sim do their homework, click on the class-specific homework book you want them to work on. Remember that college textbooks are black and white. After selecting the appropriate class, your Sim can work on their homework for as long as you want.

Adult Sims with strong research and debating skills enjoy fast homework completion rates. We recommend helping your Sims improve their debating skills to complete their assignments quickly.

Tips to complete homework faster

Balancing homework with other life stresses is tough in Sims 4. If you want to help your Sims complete homework quickly and easily, use these tips:

  • Help your Sims increase their logic skill level.
  • Work on skills related to their major or classes.
  • Dedicate a space in the house for homework with soothing decorations.
  • Keep your dorm locked while your Sims study.
  • Improve your Sims’ research and debate skills.
  • Take your Sim to the library if their roommate is having a party.
  • Apply for Study Spot Batch Features.
  • Improve kids’ skill levels so they can finish their homework quickly.
  • Consider downloading mods to help you go through your homework smoothly.

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Doing homework in Sims 4 can feel like a chore, even though it’s an essential part of the game. Helping your Sims get great grades improves their chances of getting into college, landing a great job and expand the family. Luckily, our tips can help your Sims do their homework while having fun.

At That VideoGame Blog, we create exclusive content for Sims fanatics so you can learn the best tips, tricks, cheats, and ideas for building your universe. Now that you know how to do your homework, The Sims 4 has so much more to offer! Next, check out skill cheats in Sims 4, so you can help your family complete tasks quickly!

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