How to Complete the Survive the Holiday Scenario

Complete The Sims 4’s latest storyline, Surviving the Holidays, which sees two stubborn roommates hoping to ease tensions over the holiday season.

The Sims 4 recently introduced a rivalry-themed limited-time storyline that focuses on overcoming the holidays in a difficult life situation. The Scenario system in The Sims 4 has already had a few stories for players to try, such as the Making Money and Too Many Toddlers scenarios. However, like the storyline Finding Love After a Breakup, Surviving the Holidays focuses more on relationships than funds or family.

This scenario is available until January 5, 2022. Players can start a The Sims 4 Scenario using a new or existing save, although either will require players to create a new household to play. To start surviving the holidays, a household needs two unrelated Sims who are young adults or older. They will automatically have the feeling of festering grudges, proclaimed enemy status with each other, and a very negative friendship level from the start of the game.


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Survive the holidays The Sims 4 has two possible outcomes: “No Hard Feelings” and “Love to Hate You”. Either way, the goal is to find a way to make the holidays less unpleasant for these two stubborn Sims. The first result only requires the roommates to become friends with each other. The second is a little trickier to pull off, as both Sims must remain enemies but still engage in a romantic relationship as enemies with benefits.

How to Complete the Survive the Holiday Scenario in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Surviving the Holidays Storyline's No-Grudge Result Leads to Friendship

To achieve the “No Grudges” outcome of the “Survive the Holidays” scenario in The Sims 4, the two enemy housemates must become friends with each other. That’s already a challenge given how negative their friendship is at first, but it’s especially difficult with the Festering Grudge sentiment still active. Negative feelings give Sims angry, tense, or sad moods just by being around the other Sim. Positive interactions are more likely to go wrong with these emotions active.

There are several ways to reconcile the differences between Sims. One is to minimize interactions until Sims have calmed down, waiting for negative feelings to fade over time. Friendly interactions are more likely to succeed if the festering grudge is gone. Another strategy is to use the “Moodlet Solver” potion from the rewards store. For 500 satisfaction points, Sims can purchase the potion and remove any unpleasant moods created by their negative feelings. Without annoying moods, friendly interactions can flow more smoothly and improve friendship quickly.

The “Love to Hate You” outcome causes roommates to become enemies with perks. While The Sims 4 players are probably used to complex romances, this one may take a bit more effort than the usual romantic reconciliation. Such a relationship requires Sims to maintain their enemy status while having a high romance bar. Some medium interactions will also reduce romance, so players will need to take a different approach than normal to achieve that particular dynamic.

The Love to Hate You outcome of The Sims 4 Survive the Holidays storyline results in enemies with perks

It’s possible for romantic interactions to succeed even when the Sims are enemies, depending on the Sim. For example, Sims with the Romantic trait might have their advances accepted even by someone with a low Friendship score. Put Sims in a flirtatious mood with a steamy shower, romantic music, or a trip to the Sims 4 City Living The San Myshuno Romance Festival will also improve the chances of successful romantic interactions. Even so, many Sims will often reject a romantic proposal from their enemy.

Another quick way to circumvent Sims’ negative feelings moods to enable successful romantic interactions is to purchase the Flirty Potion from the Rewards Shop. Having both Sims drink the potion will make romantic interactions more successful without having a significant positive impact on their friendship. Giving one or both Sims the Seduce reward trait can also help improve romance despite angry, sad, or tense moods from a festering grudge. With this trait, players can simply select the “Seduce” dialogue option in the romance interaction wheel to put the other Sim in a flirtatious mood.

Balancing enemy status with high romantic relationship level in The Sims 4 can still be difficult in the long run as romantic interactions can affect friendships and vice versa. If it gets too tedious and players want to complete the storyline faster, it will still be recorded as successfully completed even if cheats are used to change the Sims relationship. Once complete, players are free to continue with housekeeping and use their rewarded Happiness Points to complete the scenario as they see fit.

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The Sims 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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