How to Complete the 100 Babies Challenge

Want to know how to complete the challenge of 100 babies in The Sims 4? This interesting lens is not for the faint of heart, as it requires a lot of hard work. Here’s everything you need to know.

The 100 Baby Challenge is exactly what it sounds like: a challenge that pushes you to have 100 babies in The Sims 4. Seriously. While many of The Sims 4 community challenges also tend to have some kind of story element attached to them, the 100 Baby Challenge is much more plain and simple.

There is no particular explanation you need to keep in your head as to why your Sim is going to spend the vast majority of her life pregnant. That’s only part of the fun, and it’s actually a lot harder than you think.

How to Complete the 100 Babies Challenge in The Sims 4

To start the 100 babies challenge in The Sims 4, you’ll need to start with the mom-to-be. Create a young adult female Sim and move her to any land of your choice. The only rule to remember at this point is that no cheats can be used when attempting to complete this challenge. So if you want a massive nursery for all your little ones or a lavish garden to escape a house full of crying babies, you’ll just have to work on it. Feel free to start low and save your money as there are no restrictions on moving to different lots.

While you have the freedom to move around as you see fit, this challenge is filled with a variety of different requirements and restrictions that help make the 100 Baby Challenge even harder. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Your matriarch cannot get pregnant twice from the same Sim
  • None of the fathers can move into the household or help the household in any other significant way. In other words, don’t think you’ll be able to get one of the baby’s fathers to do all the work while you stay home and tend to the growing number of babies in the house.
  • All traits and aspirations of your children should be randomized
  • You are not allowed to influence the sex of the baby
  • You are not allowed to use mods, custom content or cheats
  • You can use nanny services or any other hired help to manage all the youngsters, but you cannot use the free services reward trait
  • You are allowed to join and create clubs, but you are not allowed to use certain club benefits. Network Club, Rally the Troops, and any emotional benefits gained from clubs are banned from the challenge
  • Once a child becomes a young adult, they are free to leave the house to make room for new babies, but they can never return to the house.

You will complete the challenge once you give birth to your 100th baby. Keep in mind, however, when counting your children, the last baby is the only one that doesn’t have to become a young adult before it actually counts towards your total. This will prevent some of you more sinister players from killing underage Sims and trying to count them towards your total.

Rules for changing matriarchs

Having a Sim give birth to 100 babies in a single life in The Sims 4 is a tough challenge. Luckily, this challenge won’t require you to undertake that kind of strenuous task. You are absolutely allowed to change matriarchs after your Sim becomes an Elder.

At this point, your eldest daughter will be the one to take over and complete the 100 baby challenge. If the new matriarch is not a young adult, you will need to keep your original matriarch at home to help care for her. Once she grows into a young adult, however, you’re free to move the original matriarch out of the house and leave the baby duties (pun intended) to the next.

Keep in mind that your original matriarch cannot marry until there is a new matriarch in line who is currently able to take on the new responsibilities of motherhood. If your original matriarch gets married, she will also have to leave the house because the new husband will not be allowed to crash on the same ground.

It’s perfectly fine to hang out with other Sims at any point in the challenge as long as the matriarch doesn’t get engaged until she’s an eldest with a young adult daughter.

how to grow old

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to aging your Sims through the 100 Baby Challenge. Babies can only age on their natural birthday, but other ages will give you some leeway as to when you want your Sims to enter the next stage of life.

Toddlers can be aged on their natural birthday or once they reach level 3 in all skills or after reaching the maximum of three skills. Children and teens can age on their natural birthday or after receiving an A in school.

Make money

This is where things can get quite tricky. You can’t leave a house full of babies unattended to rush to work every day so you won’t be allowed to get a job. The current house matriarch is only allowed to earn money by selling paintings, books, or garden produce. Essentially, you can only make money from home.

Whatever other home money makers you find is up to you as long as your job doesn’t take you away from your children’s home. For players using the City Living or Get to Work expansion, there are a few other options as well.

Players with the Get to Work expansion are allowed to own a retail business and players with the City Living expansion are allowed to have any career that comes with the pack as long as the Sim is working from home.

And that’s all you need to know about how to complete the 100 babies challenge in the sims 4. For more help, be sure to check out the rest of emagtrends.

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