How to complete reports in The Sims 4

Fill out reports The Sims 4 is a daily task commission when advancing in business career. To win promotions in The Sims 4, performing daily tasks and going to work in a good mood are all important steps. To learn how to complete reports and advance in the trading career, read on.

Sims 4: How to fill out reports

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As part of a professional career, completing reports outside of working hours can improve your job performance. To do this, interact with a computer, click on ‘more choices’ then ‘web…’ then select ‘fill in reports’.

Sims 4: How to Get Promotions

List of careers in The Sims 4
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During the career stages of any sim, there will be two skill-based goals that you must complete before advancing to the next rank and a daily task. Daily tasks are useful for improving work performance, as well as the “work hard” action you can assign to your sim while they are at work. Be careful not to do this if your sim is in a bad mood, as it can decrease work performance.

During the higher ranks of a career, skill requirements will be imposed before reaching further promotions. Once you’ve completed all of the required skills and reached the max rank for your career, you can still complete daily tasks and earn boosts, a useful mechanic if your sims are low on money.

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