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In The Sims 4: Explore College, your Sim will need to pass classes to earn their chosen degree, which includes completing classes such as written assignments and exams.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about completing courses in TS4, including writing and submitting papers, taking exams, and creating a presentation.


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What is Coursework in The Sims 4?

In the Discover University expansion pack, student Sims who have enrolled in a degree will need to take classes to pass the semester (which lasts one week). Showing up is not enough, however, this also includes Coursework.

Because college life is so hectic, you’ll need to make sure your Sim balances work and study, because if they’re too busy with work to attend and complete their classes, they won’t be able to graduate.

To learn more about degrees, including the types and careers your Sim can pursue after graduating, check out our degree guide.

There are three types of courses:

  • Written essay
  • Final exam
  • Presentation


You can see every class your Sim is enrolled in and the classes they’ll need to complete this semester by clicking the Career tab on your hotbar (or just press J).

How to write an essay

To write an essay, your Sim will need access to a PC. Click on the PC, then on “University” > “University Courses” > “Dissertation”. Here, you will see two options: “Write an end-of-session document” and “Submit a plagiarized session document”.

If you want your Sim to get a good grade, don’t cheat because you can’t get an A with a fake paper. Opt instead for them to write it themselves.

After a few hours, your Sim will have produced their first draft. You can choose to turn it in, but for a better grade, go back to the PC and click “Edit Essay”. Do this multiple times until you get a pop-up notification that it’s the best it can be. You can now “Submit an Essay” from the computer.

How to pass the final exam

In Discover University, taking the final exam is simple: your Sim goes to class on one of the last days of the semester and takes it automatically. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done. If you want your Sim to get a good grade, they need to study.

Click on a PC, then on “University” > “University courses” > “Studies”, then choose the class for which the final exam is intended. For a good grade, it is ideal that they study at least twice – the more, the better. They may also need to study for more than one class if many have a final exam as a class, so make sure they have plenty of time to fit it all in!

It’s also a good idea to increase the skill the class is tied to; again, the higher the better. You can check this in the career tab of your shortcut bar.

How to give a presentation

This is the most confusing course element given to your Sim, as the game doesn’t mention what you need to do, leaving it up to you to figure it out on your own. At the start of the semester, a presentation board will be placed in your Sim’s inventory which you will need to place in the world.

Have your Sim interact with the board and “Compile Information”. They will spend an hour or two brainstorming ideas on the board. You can submit it like this, but if you want a higher rating you’ll have to “Refine and Organize” until a pop-up appears telling you it’s the best it can be.

If you “Practice Presenting” your Sim’s Charisma skill will increase, which you should ideally have them do multiple times as it can help with the grade. Once done, your Sim will now be ready to hand in their presentation.

Presentations can only be submitted during school hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Your Sim will be in class for a few hours during their presentation.


Homework is separate from class but is just as important. This is a daily task, which means you will need to do this for each of your Sim’s classes every day. It takes a few hours to complete for each class.

To do your homework, go to your Sim’s inventory and you’ll see a black and white course book. You can either click on it from the inventory itself, or place it in the world and then click on it, but when you do, homework options for each of your Sim’s classes will appear.

Your Sim will go sit somewhere to complete their homework, and their progress can be tracked in the action queue in the bottom left. The more homework your Sim does, the better their grade will be for that course at the end of the semester.

Now that you know all about How to Take Classes in The Sims 4, head over to our Organizations page to find out all about student associations your Sim can join.

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