How to Change Sim Traits

Features in The Sims 4 can shape how your sim’s personality takes shape. However, once you quit create-a-sim and start your game, you lose access to all of create-a-sim and cannot modify your The Sims 4 features. If you’ve changed your mind and want to change your sim’s traits, read here.

The Sims 4: How to change traits without a cheat

It is possible to change your sim’s traits through gameplay. This is with the Re-treating potion which can be purchased from the rewards store for 5,000 satisfaction points. Once your sim purchases and drinks the potion, a menu will appear to replace your sim’s pre-existing traits.

Satisfaction Points can be earned by completing Wants and Fears or completing Aspiration Milestones.

You can also cheat to earn free satisfaction points with the following cheat:

sims.give_satisfaction_points x

Simply type the cheat above into the cheat box after enabling cheats in your game with the “testingcheats true” command. Replace the ‘x’ with the number of satisfaction points you wish to have.

The Sims 4: How to Change Traits with Cheats

Change traits in The Sims 4 with cheats

You can also enter full sim creation mode and modify your sim’s traits with hints.

Follow the command ‘testingcheats true’ to enable cheats in your game. Then type ‘cas.fulleditmode’ and hold shift and click on your sim to see the option to enter CAS (create-a- sim) or change your sim with the ‘Change Sim’ prompt after clicking on a mirror.

This will take you to the create a SIM menu with full accessibility.

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