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When you create a new home in The Sims 4, you’ll want to set relationships for each new Sim you create. Here’s how.

By default, any Sim you create (unless you go through the genetic tool) will be a “household member”. He’s basically a neutral housemate – they’ll get along pretty well, but they don’t have a particular bond yet. This is handy if you want to shape the relationship yourself (or use a cheat to change them!) but chances are you’ll want to define whether your The Sims 4 household members are related in any way.

Once you’ve created your Sims in the Create a Sim tool, click on the diamond “Sim” icon in the top left. This will bring up the info panel for the currently selected Sim. At the bottom right of the panel, you will see a button with a silhouette of two people on it. Click on it, and it will bring up the “Edit Relationships” window.


Your sim’s age will determine which relationships you can choose. For example, you cannot make a young adult the child of another young adult! But you can assign them to be a fiancé, sister, brother, husband or wife.

You’ll need to do this for each member of the household, making sure everyone has the right relationship. This means that when you move your new family to a lot, everyone will know and like each other in good measure, which means you don’t have to waste time building their relationships.

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