How to Build a Loft in The Sims 4

Lofts are raised rooms directly under the roof. They are very easy to build and are the best option for players who like the idea of ​​open space. Usually the room is accessible by stairs in The Sims 4. But thanks to the Eco-friendly lifestyle expansion pack, ladders are now an option. This will greatly help any player who wants to build a Loft in a Tiny House as it will save space.

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Building can be daunting at first The Sims 4. However, it is much easier than players think. What’s great about the game is that the possibilities are endless. Players can create any type of construction, ranging from a small house to a giant castle. And the best part is that the builds don’t have to be realistic.


Building a loft in The Sims 4

Build a house using the room tool

First, builders must determine the size of their homes. It may seem obvious, but it will play a huge role in building a Loft. After choosing an appropriately sized lot, players must enter the Build Mode.

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Choose the room tool and start building the general shape of the house. After that, the builders must go to the second floor by by pressing the Up button in the upper right corner.

Remove unwanted soil

Then the players will use the wall tool or the room tool to divide the second floor. Depending on the size of the house, builders must determine which part will be removed and which part will remain. After deciding, just click on the unwanted area and delete the floors. Now players can see the ground below.

an attic accessible by a ladder

Finally, replace the walls on the second floor with a fence then add the stairs or ladder. Congratulations, players can now have fun decorating the Loft they created.

Tips and tricks for better loft construction

Removing the wall makes the roof disappear

Roofs can sometimes mess up builds in many ways. In Loft houses, the roofs can intervene in two different ways; disappear completely or jump through walls.

When players build a Loft, the common mistake is removing loft walls using the wall tool before putting up the fence. Unfortunately, this will cause the roof to disappear. The easy solution would be to choose a fence then immediately change the wall without using any tools.

the roofs breaking through the walls and ruining the construction

The second problem occurs when players build a house with a sloping (A-shaped) roof. When making the loft, builders will notice that once the fence is added, the roof will go through the wall and be visible inside the room.

Build additional rooms

A simple solution is to reduce the slope of the roof. This can be done by clicking on the roof and moving the little arrows around its edge. This won’t completely fix the problem, but the edges of the roof will be less obvious. The last step is to choose the room tool and create additional rooms between the loft and the roof so that all the edges disappear.

lights on both floors create an awkward view

The final tip is how to place lights inside a Loft. Players should keep in mind that once they remove floors, placing lamps on the first and second floors will become an inconvenient sight. The first floor lights will appear to “float” as there is no ceiling to hold them up. To avoid this, builders should place them only on the second floor.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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