How to Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4

Occult is a new addition from the living on the island Expansion pack in The Sims 4and one of the creatures available in this expansion is a Mermaid. In Create A Sim (CAS), players can choose to make a normal Sim or an occult Sim. By choosing the latter, they will get a list of all possible creatures, one of which is Mermaid.

Mermaid Sims have two skins: the normal skin and a Mermaid mode. In the second, Simmers can choose the design, color, etc. from the tail of their mermaid. While it’s possible to create a mermaid in CAS, there are other ways to turn a Sim into one.


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How to Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4

female sim in case in the sims 4

There are four methods to become a mermaid in The Sims 4: in CAS, eating Mermadic Kelp, using tricks and having children with a mermaid.

As mentioned earlier, while in CASEif Simmers clicks the + icon to add a Sim, he will have the option to add an occult. Once players choose it, a new Mermaid Sim will appear and they can customize it to their liking.

a cave and the reward store in the sims 4

The second method, eat Mermadic Kelpcan be obtained in several ways:

  • Peach
  • Dive for treasure
  • Ask a dolphin to bring treasure
  • Explore the cave of Mua Pel’am

The easiest way is to buy it or use cheats. For the former, Mermadic Kelp can be purchased from the rewards store for 500 satisfaction points.

mermadic kelp location in build mode in the sims 4

In the meantime, to get it using cheats, open the cheat console by pressing:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC
  • Command + Shift + C for Mac
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console
  • The four shoulder buttons for Xbox One

Then type Test cheats True Where The tests deceiveand The Sims 4 cheats will be enabled. After that, type:

  • bb.showliveeditobjects
  • bb.showhiddenobjects

Next, head to the search box in build mode and type Mermadic kelp. It’s free, so Simmers can buy as many as they want. When players have obtained a mermadic kelp, feed it to the Sim who wants to transform and swim them within 24 hours to become a mermaid. If 24 hours have passed and the Sim has not swum, it will remain normal.

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In addition to using cheats to buy Mermadic Kelp, Simmers can use them to directly turn Sims into mermaids. After enabling cheats, type traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid in the cheat console.

three sims swimming in the sims 4

The last method is to have a child with a mermaid. If the Sim is human and married a mermaid, there is a 50% chance the child will be born with Mermadic abilities. And if both parents are mermaids, their child is guaranteed to be a mermaid. But keep in mind that their abilities will not appear until adolescence.

Siren Abilities

mermaid needs in the sims 4

In the list of a mermaid’s needs, there is hydration instead of hygiene. Therefore, any water-related activity will fulfill this need, including showering, swimming, drinking water, etc.

mermaid abilities in the sims 4

Additionally, mermaids use hydration points to summon dolphins, do special interactions with Sims, or, if the player has the Seasons expansion pack, change the weather.

Abilities The description
The Mermaid’s Kiss
  • Given Aquatic breath Moodlet to the receiving Sim
aquatic lure
  • Increase the quality of fish in a fishing spot
Summon Ocean Threat
  • Forms a dark cloud, dragging Sims underwater
  • Give the Deep Sea Entity Moodlet
  • Can lead to death
The Mermaid’s Lullaby
  • Question from Aegean: make Sim reception tense
  • Charmer’s Lullaby: Make Sim Reception Flirty
  • Inspirational Lullaby: Make Sim’s reception inspire
  • Night’s Requiem: Turn in the reception of Sim Sad
Call Azure Dolphin
  • Summon a dolphin to play with or bring treasure
Change Weather
  • Call up a clear sky
  • Call down the torrential rain
  • Storm Call

It should be noted that each ability costs 30 hydration points, with the exception of weather abilities, where each one costs 75 hydration points. Some abilities cost nothing, such as sunbathing or sleeping in water.

How to get back to human

heightened sensations moodlet in the sims 4

If players no longer wish to play as the mermaid, there is a way to roll back. All they have to do is create their Sim eat two Mermadic kelp. The first will give them the Heightened sensations Moodlet. After eating the second, they will become human again.

There is another way to become human using cheats. Once cheats are enabled, players must tap traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaid. The Sim should return to normal after this.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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