How to Become a Ghost

Unlike previous Sims games, The Sims 4 only has a handful of occults that can be created in the beginning, whereas The Sims 3 has a long list to choose from. Some of them do not exist in The Sims 4 like fairies and werewolves, while others like mermaids and ghosts.

Although ghosts are non-playable creatures, there are other ways to become or control one. Keep in mind that not only Sims can die and become ghosts. If the players have the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack, pets can also become ghosts. Like all occults, they have their own interactions and abilities.


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How to Become a Ghost in The Sims 4

ghosts on the gallery in the sims 4

There are mainly three different methods to become or control a Ghost; Gallery, asking them to join the household, and cheating. The first can be done in Create A Sim (CAS).

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Players must click on the light bulb icon to open the gallery. Then type Ghosts in the search box. A list of ghosts will appear and Simmers can choose one and customize it to their liking.

ask to join housekeeping option in friendly category in sims 4

The second method requires both time and patience. This requires encountering a ghost which can be done in two ways; travel to different terrains until a ghost appears or witness a death.

For example, if someone in a household dies and players choose to keep the tombstone or urn, ghosts will pop up from time to time. When this happens, players can chat with them and earn friendship points. After a while, the Ask to join the household the option will appear in the friendly category.

It is possible to find ghosts hiding in random lots. As the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg. There are also Spooky Apartments at San Myshunoso that players can try their luck there.

enable cheats in the sims 4

As for the third and final method, it involves tricks. So obviously, players need to enable cheats first:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC
  • Command + Shift + C for Mac
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console
  • The four shoulder buttons for Xbox One

Then type Test cheats True Where The tests deceive in the cheat console, and The Sims 4 cheats will be enabled. After that, click on the Ghost while pressing:

  • Shift for PC and Mac
  • X and O for PS4
  • B and A for Xbox One

A list of options will appear. When players click Add to family, the selected Ghost will join the Hearth. Like all family members, Simmers can now control their ghosts.

There is another way to add ghosts using hints. After enabling the feature, type traits.equip_trait ghost_X. X represents how the Sim died. It can be replaced by:

X Replacement The description
traits.equip_trait ghost_motherplant The needs of these ghosts don’t break down
traits.equip_trait ghost_anger Nearby Sims will earn Angry Moodlet
traits.equip_trait ghost_beetle This death was caused by the consumption of beetle juice
traits.equip_trait ghost_murphybed These ghosts get their energy from possessing other Sims.
traits.equip_trait ghost_flies Flies will stay around this Sim even after they die
traits.equip_trait ghost_cowplant When these ghosts are angry, they can kill plants
traits.equip_trait ghost_drown These ghosts are afraid of water and run away from water when they walk
traits.equip_trait ghost_electrocution They can now possess items until they break
traits.equip_trait ghost_embarrassment These Sims were mortified before they died
traits.equip_trait ghost_climbingroute The Sims are dead
traits.equip_trait ghost_fire They can set objects on fire
traits.equip_trait ghost_frozen These ghosts can chill hot Sims or kill them by freezing
traits.equip_trait ghost_hunger Hunger needs to decay faster, and these ghosts can eat even if full
traits.equip_trait ghost_animalobjects_killerchicken Killed by a chicken
traits.equip_trait ghost_animalobjects_killerrabbit Killed by a wild rabbit
traits.equip_trait ghost_laughter Nearby Sims will earn a playful Mooodlet
traits.equip_trait ghost_lightning Struck by lightning until death
traits.equip_trait ghost_oldage They nap most of the time
traits.equip_trait ghost_elderexhaustion These ghosts push too far as a former
traits.equip_trait ghost_overheat Can warm up cold Sims or kill them by overheating them
traits.equip_trait ghost_poison These ghosts can cause Sims around them to pass out while burping
traits.equip_trait ghost_pufferfish These Sims ate a puffer fish and died
traits.equip_trait ghost_rodent_disease These ghosts will look like giant rodents
traits.equip_trait ghost_witchoverload These spellcasters will retain their abilities even after death
traits.equip_trait ghost_steam They fear Saunas and will sabotage it
traits.equip_trait ghost_vampire_sun Sims will have a floating sun in their chest after death
traits.equip_trait ghost_vendingmachine These Sims Got Run Over By A Vending Machine And Died

Simmers can remove ghost traits and bring the Sim back to life upon entering traits.remove_trait ghost_X in the cheat console. For example, to drown the Sim, type traits.equip_trait ghost_drown. To remove the Death by drowning trait, type traits.remove_trait ghost_drowning.

Abilities and interactions

ghost abilities in the sims 4

Although ghosts are NPCs, they have many abilities and interactions with objects and Sims. Some of them can cause a scared Mooodlet, while others will cause a playful or happy Mooodlet. These abilities and interactions are:

  • Possess any object, make it float
  • Pass through walls and other objects
  • break objects
  • Repair broken objects
  • Scare the Sims
  • Pass by Sim

All additional abilities are tied to how they died. For example, ghosts who died by fire can create fire where they stand when angry.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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