How a Cutting Mechanic Could Create More Dynamic Sims

The Sims 4 lacks personality despite its trait system. However, The Sims 2 might have some pointers on how to make The Sims more interesting.

The Sims The franchise has come a long way from players simply taking care of virtual families and struggling to make ends meet without cheating. Now players have the option to create individuals with aspirations, desires and experiences or create drama and have their characters live strange but interesting lives. They even have access to things like magic and fame through extensions. However, the Sims of The Sims 4 are experiencing an identity crisis. Although they have different traits, goals, and even likes and dislikes, there is little individuality between Sims. Many use mods to fix this problem, but maybe it’s time for an old The Sims 2 personality system to return to create more robust Sims.

The Sims 4The current personality style of is a simplified version of The Sims 3‘s. Players can randomize or assign three traits, compared to five in The Sims 3, which include an aspiration they can work towards that they like and dislike. On paper, this sounds like a great way to create individuals. However, in practice, the only thing that’s unique is how Sims interact with each other across likes and dislikes. Many Simmers solve this problem with mods, but the responsibility for improving the game shouldn’t fall on modders. It’s here that The Sims 2The classic personality system of can be useful.

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Prior to traits, Sims were assigned a certain amount of personality points upon creation. The categories were very limited, being basic things like Outgoing/Shy, Neat/Sloppy, and Nice/Mean. The number of points would determine which two categories Sims fell into and by how much, which then determined how they interacted with other Sims and the world as well as how they acquired skills. These attributes could also be influenced as Sims grew or changed via potions through certain expansions. The Sims 3The trait system replaced that and worked well for making Sims individuals with different desires, but The Sims 4The version of oversimplified it and lost that individuality.

A revival of this points system in collaboration with The Sims 4Traits and likes/dislikes systems could potentially solve this problem. There are already a limited number of traits in the game, even with expansions, and some are pack-specific like occults or holiday-focused traits. Rather than just selecting traits, points could be given to them to determine how much it influences the Sim.

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This has the potential to make Sims more unique as one Sim can be more or less romantic or green than another Sim, for example. This could influence their interactions in the world as well as their likes and dislikes. This wouldn’t work for all traits as some are specific, like Vegetarian, but there are many that could have varying degrees.

By overhauling the personality of Sims, this point system could alleviate at least some of the The Sims 4issues with outdated gameplay and boring Sims. In collaboration with The Sims 4it is parenting mechanism to influence children, it could make Sims more interesting and create more depth within families. If not now, then hopefully the future sims games can fix this and perhaps revive more classic features that fans miss.

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