Hilarious Giant Sims 4 Player Toilet House Used To Kill Sims

A cunning, creative, and mischievous player has built a massive restroom building in The Sims 4, and the results look pretty deadly.

Players have been using for a long time The Sims 4 to create ambitious, weird, and inventive creations, but one fan built a much more nefarious, hilarious, and huge toilet house for the express purpose of killing Sims. Although it hasn’t had a full-fledged new release since 2014, EA’s life-sim franchise has remained popular mainly through regular updates and content drops, with the latest game announcements confirming new game packs and kits for The Sims 4.

Even without the use of mods (of which there are plenty) The Sims 4 players can achieve truly impressive and creative constructions. Players took advantage of the game’s crafting mechanics to create entire fantasy towns, themed homes, and luxury resorts. All user-generated content in The Sims 4 is so wholesome, though, because there are plenty of fans out there who like to make the most of their virtual omnipotence by tormenting their Sims or putting them in dangerous situations. These instances can be as simple as a player setting small traps for their Sims, or they can take things to a much darker place, putting Sims in life-threatening situations and prompting a visit from the Grim Reaper. A The Sims 4 player even trapped one Sim within the walls of another’s house, torturing two AI citizens at once.


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A shrewd player carries on this long tradition of The Sims 4 torture, but with a comic and absurd twist. True to its name, Reddit user at any time recently shared images of their taco-themed home online. While this building. shaped like a giant taco, is impressive, the real attraction is across the street, where there is a huge toilet-shaped building, waiting to lure Sims in. This trap seems to be effective, because one of the images shared by anytimeistacotime is of a drowned man. Sim floating in the colossal toilet bowl, with the Grim Reaper standing patiently at the water’s edge.

Sims 4 Giant Toilet Taco House Reddit

See the full image gallery on Reddit here.

Beyond the morbid nature of this setup and situation, it’s admittedly a pretty fun way to trick Sims, especially when you imagine The Sims 4‘s Grim Reaper arrives at the restroom to take the Sim to the afterlife. A giant toilet bowl isn’t generally considered dangerous, which makes the deadly twist all the more shocking. On the contrary, this construction embodies the chaotic energy characteristic of The Sims, even serving as a throwback to the infamous way of causing Sims to die by removing the pool ladder, something that Sims no longer bother in later games.

It does not seem that the popularity of The Sims 4 drops significantly, which is great news for anyone who enjoys this kind of absurd creations. With new patches and additional game content, more doors will open when it comes to creative structures. Indeed, those who want to see more twisted and hilarious constructs in The Sims 4 have much to hope for.

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Source: anytime / Reddit

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