High School Years Expansion Pack Tips

The Sims are sitting on their high school lawn.

Image: EA

The Sims 4 recently released its High school years Expansion pack, its first expansion pack since 2021. But navigating the DLC can be as confusing as freshman class. You need advice from a senior socialite, which is me, in this scenario.

But first, some background: the release of the expansion pack coincided with a major update to the base game which added, among other things, a layer of scruffy realism with maintainable body hair options, customizable sexual orientation, curved walls, and instances of unwanted incest. Yes, you read that right. For one week, the base game and High school years have been patrolled by icky bugs, like Sims wanting to woo family members, aging rapidly and becoming random celebrities.

This is not a new season of an exploitative TLC serieshowever, it is the The Sims 4. When the community shouted against icky bugs, Maxis quickly released some “growing pains” August 2 patches. Unfortunately, just like cystic acne, some problems don’t go away so easily. Scary critters continue to rule our School years, I noticed, but I’ll tell you what to watch out for and what to expect sims high school. And then I’ll give you a wedgie.

don’t be old

The teenagers rule Copperdale, the new world included in High school years which has three main attractions – the pier, the school and the mall. All Sims can go to these locations, regardless of their age group, but only teenage Sims can attend classes.

You can think of High school years like a lifted veil. Typically, you send teenagers to school when prompted, they melt into the ether, and then they go home when school is out. Now you can find out what’s so interesting in the ether and guide your teenage Sims to take classes, study for exams, extracurricular activities, and even pose for prom.

But if your favorite Sim is a decrepit young adult, although you can’t participate in most High school years‘Real high school stuff, you’ll always have access a host cute hairstyles, outfits, objects and Euphoria– Ready makeup looks. Kids and toddlers can also enjoy some of these hairstyles.

Interestingly, young adult Sims can still join high school cheerleading or football teams, which seems illegal. Young adult Sims can also access the High school years the “streamer” and “influencer” careers, which, as you know, anyone under the age of 25 in the real world is bound to pursue by divine law.

Lose Your Mind With Meta Screen Time

High school years introduces Social Bunny, essentially a Sims Twitter that you can access by clicking the phone icon in the bottom left of your screen. Different events, like eating cafeteria food or reminiscing about a party, will prompt you to create different pre-written status updates that you can customize by setting a tone, like embarrassed or happy. You can also accept and send friend requests to Sims you meet and send them friendly, flirty, or mean messages or tag them in posts. But think before you type: Targeted messages can affect your relationship with Sims for better or worse.

DM from a Sim.

Biff Beefers can’t stop DMing themselves.
Screenshot: EA / Kotaku

Bug warning: I Social Bunny was often hoping to increase my following as a career streamer, but despite all the angry emojis that were left on my homewrecking character Beef Beefers’ posts, that follow count didn’t not moved. No hate follows? Very unrealistic and, I suspect, the product of a bug.

I also noticed that the DMs sent and their replies seemed out of order and my Sim started DMing himself. I know social media can easily create a sick mind, but damn it.

buy new things

A model wearing a red top and brown skirt in The Sims.

So dark academia cottagecore Trendi girl neon raver.
Screenshot: EA / Kotaku

You’ll be cordially invited to ThriftTea, a new store where you can hang out with and meet other kids, sip eight simol teas, and choose new outfits to style and ship on Trendi, a Depop-supported fashion resale app. Generating enough buzz for your look earns you money and, more importantly, notoriety as a Simfluencer.

But if you’re more of an interior design girl, there’s stuff to buy, too. High school years delivered with a cascade of new items for home and school aimed at teen sensibilities, including cute minifigures and a balloon arch to personalize special events like prom, graduation and weekly get-togethers. You can raze Copperdale High to the ground, rename it, give it “features” like “fast internet” and redo it as Euphoriathe picture with all that Things and an unlimited school budget. I installed a loudspeaker in the cafeteria which broadcast only electro.

Ordered High school years before September 8 you will also get a gaming chair, LED panels for your wall and a wireless speaker. Play infinite mirrors with your Sims and God, why not you?

Work hard, if you can

A Sim looks at their phone during class.

Put down your phone, Beef!
Screenshot: EA / Kotaku

Notes in High school are not that important. Virtue of being a little person in a computer instead of a little person in the world, I guess. There are two classes per day – you can check what they are by clicking on your Sim, selecting the “high school” option and checking your calendar – but there are only two classrooms in the school. Active Sims will still be in the left classroom, but the bell ringing and a flashing whiteboard will indicate when and where class begins.

The class is not very rewarding. All you have to do to attend class is sit down at the right time and tell your Sim to pull out their notebook. Sometimes you will receive prompts on what to do with a difficult exam question. You can complete your homework by picking it from your inventory, but I’ve noticed that my Sims sometimes do it themselves. You can also attend study sessions in the classroom right after school on Wednesdays, or choose to study on your own with the “high school” option. Make sure you’re ready for Friday exams – the game tracks your grades, but the worst thing that will happen to you if you’re a rude student is that you’ll get a stern phone call from your principal. The principal can also give you a detention if you are taken out of your class for any reason during class, but as far as I know all students are allowed to graduate no matter what. Must be a Montessori school.

Bug warning: I went to school. I went to class. I sat down. Nothing happened. I restarted the game. I restarted the application. Nothing happened.

For me, going to high school work was the most frustrating and longest part of the game High school years. The only thing I was able to do during an active class was to “prank the whiteboard” by presumably writing the word b (“bout”) on it. I was able to study and do my homework since you can control these things manually, but my Sim never, ever, not once opened his book during class time, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Play hard, if you can

In addition to high-profile events like prom and graduation, there are plenty of recreational activities on campus that you can attend and control, such as science fairs, career fairs, and pranks. Every Friday there is a kind of cheering rally with a football and cheerleading competition. You can participate by clicking on a football or cheerleading mat, which are also items you can purchase from your locker.

To claim a locker, click on the school locker. You will be prompted to purchase an item or customize its appearance with different styles such as ‘dark academy’, ‘gothic’ or ‘gamer’. Yes, teenagers love the “player”.

You can sabotage someone else’s locker by clicking on it and selecting “stink capsule”. Don’t get caught up in the stinky cloud, though—your Sim will literally dieand your high school will likely be sued for negligence.

If you survive to see another day and get invited to an epic nighttime event, teenage Sims can now sneak through windows, which is cool and sneaky. All Sims will also have access to a number of new WooHoo or, for teens, “mess” locations, including fairgrounds or campus. These WooHoo spots may lead to another lawsuit, but I tried to seduce my Sims’ teacher and couldn’t, if that helps.

Bug warning: I’ve had some issues with fairs not starting properly or only starting halfway through. For example, on a Friday at a football competition, many Sims were present and one of them was giving a speech, but the food stalls never opened and no one touched the footballs. . My Sim was forced to cry over the lack of a veggie hot dog.

The Sims 4 years high school The expansion pack is full of fun new items, game mechanics and places to explore, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s still littered with bugs that make exploring less satisfying. So if you’re looking to relive your high school but improve it, you probably won’t be able to do that here. However, you might find a book called Love in the time of sandwiches to the school library and have fun anyway. At least I did!

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