Harvestella’s Final Fantasy Inspirations Could Revolutionize Farming Sims

In a market flooded with farming simulators, Harvestella stands out by including more action and RPG elements from Final Fantasy.

Square Enix tries its hand at farming simulators with Harvestellescheduled for release on November 4, 2022, and its Final Fantasy inspirations could set it apart from the competition. Harvestelle has featured unique elements so far, including even more RPG features. It seems that its story too will be more complex and heavy than the usual simulation story, including Quietus, which is the season of death.

Although it’s a farming simulator, Harvestelle also features a mix of several other genres, such as adventure, RPG, and combat. It seems to have been inspired by the Final Fantasy the style of the franchise in terms of combat and aesthetics, but there are also elements in Harvestelle who remind Rune Factory 5, animal crossingand Stardew Valley.


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New screenshots Harvestella’s the farmhouse spaces and setting, showing more of the inspiration it draws from other games. Square Enix is ​​investing heavily in Harvestelle, and incorporates its own iconic style to the graphics and story through the menace of Quietus, the Season of Death, in which the game will begin. The mix of farming, interacting with villagers, exploring, and finding threats to village livelihoods will define Harvestelle apart from other simulation games by adding more depth and gameplay options.

Harvestella looks like Harvest Moon meets Final Fantasy


It is common for farming and living simulators to have a story that revolves around restoring the town in which the game takes place. In terms of Stardew Valley, which comes in the form of adding lots to the community center to repair its dilapidated state. Despite Harvestellethe similarities with ACNH and Rune Factory 5its links with Final Fantasy may be what really sets it apart. Square Enix has a knack for weaving intricate stories into its games that most simulation games lack. Even the player’s relationship with villagers will be different as they can receive battle aid from NPCs in Harvestelle.

Even with limited information, it seems that Harvestelle could provide significant leaps in the farming simulator genre. The inclusion of more action and RPG elements reminiscent of Final Fantasy has the potential to appeal to an audience that doesn’t tend to play sims, while simultaneously providing a deep RPG experience for regular sim gamers. The biggest question these days is whether marriage is akin to Rune Factory 5 system will be included, but either way, Square Enix has the chance to revolutionize farming simulators through the creation of the Final Fantasy-inspired Harvestelle.

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