Genshin Impact characters as Sims 4 avatars

There are dozens of characters in Genshin Impactwhich greatly facilitates the creation The Sims 4 households made up entirely of in-game characters. The number of customization options available in the Create a Sim menu, as well as the vast amount of custom content created by fans of The Sims online, means it’s not too difficult to make them look surprisingly close to their Genshin Impact counterparts despite the two games’ drastically different visual styles. Even new or casual sims players, who may not be used to The Sims 4character creation process, can add Genshin Impact characters to their save file through the use of The Sims online gallery.


through the gallery, The Sims 4 players can post their creations online to share with others. It’s not just limited to characters. Entire buildings can also be shared via the gallery, making it easy for those who don’t like building to find unique custom home builds for The Sims 4. Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that many creations in the gallery may use custom content or items from other packs. A multitude of item packs, game packs and expansions have been released since The Sims 4 was released in 2014. The newest of these, High School Years, is slated to release just a month after June’s Werewolves game pack, which means it’s moving to The Sims 4 are still quite common.

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For this reason, it can be difficult to find characters in the gallery that are compatible with the base game. However, the wide variety of downloads to browse may very well compensate for this. Players can find everything from star wars characters in The Sims 4 to entire households built around much more obscure games and movies. Given the popularity of Genshin Impact, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of characters from the game in the gallery. Here are some of The Sims 4it’s the best Genshin Impact character avatars relative to their in-game appearances.

Genshin Impact Characters in The Sims 4 – Zhongli

The Sims 4 player Polsair made a multitude of Genshin Impact game characters, and all of them can be found in the gallery. Zhongli is an example of their creations. This The Sims 4 character uses elements of Eco Lifestyle, City Living and The Sims 4The Vampires packs, so players without all three should be aware of this before removing it from the gallery. He is also a spellcaster and his traits are proper, bookworm and genius. With over 6,500 downloads, it’s easily one of the most popular Genshin Impact creations in the The Sims 4 Gallery. Zhongli looks amazingly similar to her appearance in Genshin Impact, even down to the earring and eyeliner. There is no custom content used, which makes it more widely available for all types of sims players.

Lumine & Aether from Genshin Impact recreated in The Sims 4

Genshin Impact Characters As Sims 4 Avatars Traveler Lumine Aether

Lumine and Aether, the two options available to select as a Traveler in Genshin Impacthave several versions available on the The Sims 4 Gallery. Although The Sims 4 has limited hairstyles and currently does not include any that directly match Lumine’s in-game appearance, some The Sims 4 the designers use mid-length blonde hair which works quite well. Ether is much easier to create as there are many short hairstyles for men as well as earrings to choose from. The Sims 4. The Polssair version of these characters uses items from the Seasons, City Living, Get to Work, Realm of Magic, Vampires, Spa Day, and Laundry Day Stuff packs. As such, they require a bit more investment in The Sims 4 to download correctly.

What Genshim Impact’s Venti looks like in The Sims 4

Genshin Impact Characters As Sims 4 Avatars Venti

The Sims 4 player jgracious is another creator who uploads a lot of popular videos Genshin Impact characters on the gallery. One of their most frequently uploaded creations is a Venti avatar, which is not surprising considering Venti’s popularity among Genshin Impact Fans. Players will need Parenthood, Get to Work, Backyard Stuff, and Romantic Garden Stuff to get the full experience for this character. In light of this, it might be better to wait The Sims 4‘s packs for sale.

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His traits include a music lover, which is fitting considering Venti’s role in the game, as well as a cheerful and loves the outdoors. Although he misses his braids in The Sims 4, the rest of his appearance is relatively faithful down to his clothes and even his hat. It is possible that an even tighter hairstyle will be added in the future as updates and new additions are made. The Sims 4 packs are provided by EA. For now, however, there are still some pretty inventive Venti avatars to Genshin Impact fans to download for The Sims 4.

Genshin Impact characters recreated in The Sims 4

Another popular jgraceful download features Kazuha from Genshin Impact, using items from the Discover University, Get to Work and Snowy Escape packs. Since all three of these are major expansion packs for The Sims 4, they might be worth buying for dedicated gamers. He has the adventurous, creative, and outdoor-loving traits as well as the ambition of outdoor enthusiasts, which should give players a good excuse to get out and explore the worlds of The Sims 4even though the game map is not an open world like The Sims 3was. Kazuha’s designer has translated her wardrobe into a more modern look while maintaining recognizable features, even down to the hairstyle.

Genshin Impact character Xiao reimagined in The Sims 4

There are quite a few tattoos available for players to use in The Sims 4including some that look remarkably like those of Xiao from Genshin Impact. Another spellcaster, one of many Occult Sims introduced in the game’s many packs and add-ons, Polssair’s version of Xiao includes the Solitary, Active, and Dark traits. Like many others Genshin Impact characters in the gallery, players will need the Vampires, Realm of Magic, Get to Work and Seasons packs as well as The Sims 4the expansion of Eco Lifestyle and Discovery University. Her in-game outfit translates pretty easily to The Sims 4even if some of its accessories are missing. The Sims 4 However, fans who excel at creating personalized content can easily rectify this.

Childe from Genshin Impact has been remade in The Sims 4

Players hoping to get away with not buying so many packs, however, could turn to avatar Childe from Polssair. He exclusively uses items from Get to Work and Vampires, and has the materialistic, brash, and family-oriented traits. He is also a good choice for those who want to try their hand at playing a spellcasting Sim. The winged eyeliner helps more closely mimic the Genshin Impact concept art style, and her short hair and relatively simple accessories translate easily into The Sims 4. Of course, there are many versions of the character – and just about every other Genshin Impact character – available on The Sims 4 gallery for players who want to research other options. Expansive Genshin-themed buildings can also be found there.

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Source: Polsair, jgracious

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