Former Atlanta Public School colleagues praise Dan Sims

13WMAZ has spoken to some of his peers who are cheering him on. They say Bibb County schools are in good hands.

MACON, Ga. — The search for Bibb County’s new superintendent may be over. The board named Atlanta-based educator Dan Sims as the sole finalist at Thursday night’s meeting.

Sims has worked in education for the past 27 years and six years as an associate superintendent in Atlanta Public Schools (APS).

13WMAZ has spoken to some of his peers who are cheering him on. They say the Bibb County School District is in good hands.

“When you’re in Dan Sims’ presence, you know you’re in the presence of someone who’s really kind and caring,” Emily Massey said.

Massey has worked with Dan Sims for over 20 years at APS. She says he was always one step behind her.

“You know, we worked our way up through Fulton County Schools. Again, vice principal to principal. I made the move to associate ‘substitute’, and later Dan became the associate superintendent of the 9 to 12,” she said.

Massey calls him a leader who always sees the best in people, but he also gets results.

“When you look at the graduation rates when our superintendent came in, they were around 50% and up. Under Dan’s leadership, you know, they were over 80% and up,” she said.

Massey says Sims loves the children he serves and leaves a lasting impression.

“Recently we saw a dentist’s office and a person walk by. It was a student of his who came to say he will never forget what Dr. Sims did for him,” Massey said.

De’Andre Pickett is superintendent of The Rise Schools in Atlanta. He says Sims is a cancer survivor who always leads by example.

“So every year they would have a campus cancer walk. He got involved, raised money for cancer, and showed his students that these are things we should be doing. The community goes beyond the classroom,” he said. mentioned.

Pickett says Sims is his role model and will continue to be for other children in Bibb County.

“Bibb County has the ability to literally be one of the best school districts in the state based on this selection of Dr. Dan Sims as the sole finalist,” Pickett said.

Dan Sims survived cancer for 20 years and even started wearing an “S” on his shirt for his school birthdays after beating him. His students and professors wore Superman shirts for him.

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