Everything you need to know about the new My Wedding Stories game pack

In February 2022, The Sims 4 released a trailer of a new Game Pack, My Marriage Stories. The expansion will be available on February 17. In this DLC, players will have the chance to plan their own wedding and uncover the secrets of the new World.

Besides the new world, it is confirmed that there will be new interactions with objects and Sims, as well as new Create a Sim (CAS) elements. This article summarizes everything gamers need to know about the upcoming The Sims 4 Game package.

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New Features in My Wedding Stories in The Sims 4

The new features introduced in this game pack resemble real events. This The Sims 4 the extension will include many details for a realistic wedding.

New Residential World

Tartosa is the new world of the sims 4

The brand new Residential World of The Sims 4, tartosawill be released with a total of nine lots:

  • Two empty lots where players can place a new location from the gallery
  • Two starting houses
  • Two NPC Households
  • A vacation rental
  • A living room
  • A wedding venue

There are five other wedding venue lots in the The Sims 4 Gallery. So if Simmers find that the existing one isn’t to their liking, there are other options. All bundles were created by Game Changers.

New stalls and shops

new food stalls in the sims 4

The world also has new food stalls, like Indian and Chinese, as well as new shops for wedding outfits, bouquets, and cake stalls. If players go to the empty lot, they will see all the food and clothing stores that are next to the large fountain near the beach.

how to have a wedding cake

order or prepare a wedding cake in the sims 4

The cake can be ordered through the PC or, if they want to save money, a Sim with high cooking skill can bake the wedding cake.

decorate the wedding cake in the sims 4

There are a variety of cakes like Beachy and Square Wedding Cakes. Additionally, Simmers can choose a cake decoration to decorate the cake. After the wedding is over, they can keep the topper as a decoration, and the bouquet can be put in a vase.

How to plan a wedding

plan a wedding using the calendar in the sims 4

The next part is planning a wedding. There are three methods to schedule it; using a computer, phone and calendar. The latter is the only method that allows you to have a wedding on a specific day, while the first two will schedule the wedding on the same day.

Using a calendar, click Add a wedding eventand players will face seven new wedding-related events:

  • beach party
  • Homepage
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • engagement dinner
  • Family meeting
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Renewal of vows

The latter is only available to married Sims.

invite guests and choose a wedding venue in the sims 4

By choosing the Wedding ceremonyplayers will need to plan four games:

  • Invite Sims: Bride and groom, guests, ring bearers, flower friends, honorary sims and celebrants.
  • Select activities: Exchanging vows, walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, etc.
  • Select Style: Plan the bride and groom’s evening attire and choose a specific theme for the guests.
  • Select a location: Players can choose a place or their home as the location and they must choose a time for the wedding.

For the former, if the Sims don’t know a lot of Sims, that’s fine. They can ask people around them if they are ready to be their Flower Pal for example, and vice versa.

New CAS Items

new CAS objects in the sims 4

For CAS, The Sims 4 added things like:

  1. New costumes and wedding dresses. Some reflect cultures from parts of the world like Chinese and Indian wedding attire.
  2. New hairstyles for both genders.
  3. The Accessories category now has Buttonholes.
  4. More colors for old ceremonial clothes.

New furniture

new furniture in the sims 4

In Build Modethere are a ton of new items that will help The Sims 4 Builders create their perfect wedding venue. These items are:

  • wedding arches
  • aisles
  • Decorative tables and chairs
  • New elegant white piano
  • Dance Floor available in three sizes
  • Loveseats
  • the Windows
  • Drapes
  • Doors
  • Deck chairs
  • Roof decoration items
  • Sideboards
  • Fountain
  • Grill bucket
  • Bar
  • Tea service
  • Pergola
  • wedding tent

And many other objects to discover once the The Sims 4 The game pack is out.

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New interactions

new interactions in the sims 4

Finally, for the wedding ceremony, there are new interactions. By clicking on any object, the Ceremonial activities the option will appear. It contains many choices to help you manage the party, such as taking your seats, cutting the cake, having the first dance, etc.

two sims slow dance in the sims 4

Speaking of dancing, The Sims 4 finally added a slow dance option. Sims can ask their Sims to flirt or steal a kiss while dancing. Those with the romantic trait will definitely appreciate it.

The aisles have their own options. Players can choose specific Sims to move up or down the aisle. Whether it’s the ring bearer or the bride herself. By clicking on the wedding arch, Simmers can choose one of four options:

  • Exchange of vows
  • Exchange your vows and kiss
  • Exchange of vows with officiant
  • Exchange your vows with the officiant and kiss

All in all, Simmers will soon have the perfect pack to create their dream wedding.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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