Every Sims Spinoff Game, Ranked According to Metacritic

The sims franchise came in its first form as part of the SimCity collection of games from 1989, before officially becoming human-based gameplay with the launch of The Sims series in 2000. It’s still going strong in 2022 with the upcoming release of the new The Sims 4 expansion pack The high school years. Since its creation, nine forms of The sims spin-offs came out.

These games deviate from the release of The Sims 1-4, not like any kind of expansion pack, but like separate life simulation games with their own story and gameplay. These spinoffs have drawn varying reactions from fans and critics alike in their ability to match the mainline games of The Sims series.


9 The Sims 2 Castaway – 68 (Average)

The Castaway Sims

A spin-off from The Sims 2, The Sims 2: Castaway was released in 2007 in several formats. The game has the same animation style and basic needs system as The Sims 2, but the gameplay surrounds six player-created sims surviving island life. craft their own shelter, tools, and clothing while building social bonds that will help them escape the island.

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The game received an average rating of 68/100 across all platforms from reviewers. The spin-off has been praised for its fun concept and offering new gameplay from the traditional sims format. However, it was criticized for offering little change as a spin-off, bringing it closer to sims expansion packs than a standalone game.

8 MySims – 68 (Average)


My Sims offered the largest spread to date for sims games – both in terms of style and being released exclusively on Nintendo. Rather than being free to roam, players are tasked with reviving a worn-out city, slowly building community land with the advice of the mayor, and helping the city grow in size, population, and quality. .

The game was a hit with fans, spawning five sequels, providing some of the best challenges for sims players looking for new gameplay, from music festivals to races. It is however rather limiting in the freedom of play compared to the others sims games, where players are constantly tasked with tasks.

seven The Sims Online – 70 (Average)

The Sims Online

The Sims Online, launched in 2oo2, was The Sims’ first adventure in online and multiplayer gameplay. Players log in and play as a single sim tasked with developing their skills, which rewards them by unlocking greater social interactions and new animations. Players can earn simoleons by working in traditional careers (e.g. restaurant clerk) or by engaging in the multiplayer online marketplace, where items were sold between players.

The game was long drawn out sims project, being popular with gamers until its closure in 2008. The game’s patch updates were well received by the fans who kept the spin-off alive for so long. The gameplay, however, was largely chat-based and lacked the depth of the main game. sims Game.

6 The Urbz: Sims in the City – 70 (Average)

The Urbz

The Urbz was a console-based spin-off that had gameplay focused on single young adult sims trying to make it in the town of Urbzville. Players can customize their sim to their personal style and meet like-minded sims in the Richies, Artsies, Streeties, and Nerdies social groups. The goal is to earn “reputation” points to improve relationships, earn money and gain access to town parties.

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Released in 2004, The Urbz is a glorious 2000s style game filled with all the y2k fashion, home decor and social activities. The passage of family gameplay from the first two sims games has been welcomed by fans as a refreshing form of gaming, although the focus on a single reputation goal is repetitive and relies on micromanagement.

5 The Sims Social – 70 (Average)

The Sims Social

A spiritual sequel to The Sims Online, The Sims Social was available through the Facebook game launched in 2o11. Players interact with their Facebook friends as singular sims and follow the typical sims goals to earn simoleons, climb your career ladder, and decorate your house for your Facebook friends to visit.

As is often the case with a Facebook game, The Sims Social had DLC content that costs money, which is generally hated by players, especially when a game doesn’t traditionally have premium content. Despite this, sims fans hailed the return of the online multiplayer format.

4 The Sims: Life Stories – 72 (Average)

Sims Life Stories

The Sims: Life Stories was designed for those who wanted to play a laptop-friendly version of The Sims 2. Using a similar model, the game uses a story-based format where the player completes various “chapters”, playing as one of two characters, Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore, before opening up to a free-play mode similar to The Sims 2.

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Undoubtedly the most successful sims spin off, life stories was popular enough to spawn two sequels, animal stories and Stories of castaways. Some players may not like having to complete specific goals, but the storytelling has been well received for adding an extra level of drama and lore to the average. sims gaming, while accommodating the ever-increasing popularity of laptop gaming.

3 Medieval Sims – 78 (Average)

The Medieval Sims

An offshoot of The Sims 3, This medieval era game is a form of quest-based gameplay where players are tasked with fulfilling a chosen ambition for the Kingdom, playing in rotation of “hero” sims – knights, monarchs, etc. The game mixes story-driven gameplay with free-to-play where quest completion provides the opportunity to explore the world, earn money, and form platonic and romantic relationships.

The Medieval Sims still has a sequel to this day, loved by top Sims YouTubers and featured in many videos due to its adorable quirky gameplay and unique style to The Sims. Unlike most spin-offs, its popularity means it’s still available on Origin. It’s no surprise that the game is so fleshed out as a standalone and immersive game in its medieval setting.

2 The Sims Freeplay – 80 (generally favorable)

The Sims Freeplay

Designed for mobile games, The Sims Freeplay is an ongoing spin-off game that uses real time – very unusual for any sims format. Players can control a growing neighborhood of up to 34 sims who can age from baby to eldest, and are primarily driven by real-time energy, which can be replenished through rest periods and energy “cupcakes” by spending LP. The game also uses a “wants” system, similar to the old sims games like The Sims 2, where extra XP is granted for fulfilling sims wishes.

The game is a significant improvement over previous online spin-offs, giving players the ability to choose their neighborhoods and play as the home of multiple sims, as well as offering a variety of careers and game options. lifestyle. The real-time gameplay and premium content have been criticized, but the game has been active for over ten years, showcasing its addictive and in-depth gameplay for its fans.

1 The Sims Bustin’ Out – 81 (generally favorable)

The Sims are having a blast

bustin’ out was released on console and follows two types of gameplay. it offers The Sims 1-Freeplay style, incorporating much of the gameplay from the PC version (as well as their expansion packs), or the task of “flushing out” the neighborhood after Malcolm Landgraab wrongfully repossessed their items. Players are tasked with completing multiple careers as different sims to reclaim their possessions, and ultimately dethrone Landgraab and claim his mansion. The game even featured an online mode with multiplayer gameplay.

The most critically acclaimed spin-off, the game is endlessly entertaining in both story mode and free play, offering exciting careers such as rock star or gangster with engaging tasks to complete that avoid becoming tedious. bustin’ out was considered not only a well-balanced standalone game compared to The Sims 1, but an improvement in some aspects, downplaying the relentless needs of the original PC game and providing exciting missions and interconnected neighborhood storytelling.

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